Do you brag about famous people you've met? why is it that we feel this is such a bragging right?

just wondering, i do it ALL the time

It's not bragging if you are just sharing your joy with friends.

I'll never forget seeing H. W. Bush at a golf tournament. I remember exactly what he said to Arnold Palmer as they both drove by in a golf cart.

H. W. said, "My wife is going to do a little shopping downtown this afternoon."

Arnie replied, "Yeah, yeah. About this next hole..."

Man, that was an exciting moment for me.
I would if I had ever met anyone famous. I'm jealous that other people get to meet famous people and I don't.
yes sometimes I do brag about it. the reason we do it because celebrities are rarely seen in public. they are mostly seen on tv and heard about on radio. When one sees their favorite celebrity rite in front of their eyes, its like a miracle for them. because nobody or a few people in their friends circle have met their favorite celebrity/ies. so dat gives a person the rite to brag about it.
You're right; this does have some interesting psychology behind it.

The short answer is that, when we meet a famous person, we feel privileged in their presence, even special just for being around them. After all, not many of our friends and acquaintances have had the good fortune to meet famous people, right? By being around a famous person, we unconsciously feel that we are partaking (somewhat) in their fame. Crazy, huh? This vicarious participation makes us feel better about ourselves, and in order to keep this good feeling alive, we feel compelled to brag about our encounters with these people in our future conversations.
It just is. If you see, hang out with or hook up with a celebrity its alot of fun to talk about.
Sure, I do want to tell whoever is interested in listening, about not just meeting but even sighting a celebrity in the neighbourhood. And I go on telling about it year after year whenever someone pops the question or talk about his/her own experiences. It is not about bragging but feel-good thrills which make us do that...
Do you love yourself? Do you think you have an interesting life? Do you want to impress people with how cool you are?

It is an instant way to have "status." You don't have to do a THING, but just stand next to someone who is more well-known than you are.
If you stand next to a homeless guy, do you get "Homeless cool" on you? no.
If you stand next to a dweeb from highschool, does that make you a dweeb? no.
If you stand next to Paris Hilton, does you IQ plummet? no.
If you stand next to Tiger Woods, you have a story for the next generation, especially if he speaks to you, laughs at your joke or smiles at you.
If you want to find out how much people care ABOUT YOU, stop doing that. It is really obnoxious. Right up there with talking about how much everything costs.
A better way of having a conversation is to ASK others what cool stuff happened to them, and then DO NOT try to out-do them. Just listen and learn.
If you are afraid to find out, then keep borrowing other people's sunshine. Smart people understand that you are insecure and unwilling to do the hard work of FIXING yourself.
Dumb people will be impressed and aggravated.

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