I'm really bored, what can i do the eleviate the boredom?

try and find out who i am on the internet
Answer more questions or take up a sport (i.e., running, cycling, etc)
go to google.com
and look up tons of games
and play game after game.
and then take a bath.
and a nap
Go for a walk
go for a walk or a swim. even very mild exercise releases feel good chemicals in the brain.

Think about getting a dog. Loyal.nonjudgmental. and unconditionally loving.
Find something to do to occupy your time. Y q/a is one of my most enjoyed entertainments. Welcome aboard! It's very nice to meet you!
im in the same boat you are in i cant drive i live in a small town they dont even have a red light i set at home all day i clean but that get old.
Go out in public and annoy people, but leave us alone.
get bebo,
trust me u get addicted to it, once ur on it!! that waste time like mad!! lol x x
My mother always said "only boring people get bored" and I think she was right.

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