No dreams?

Sometimes i dream and sometimes i dont and if i do i dont always remember them when i wake up. These past few months i have had one dream but i sleep really well through the night. What does this mean if you dont dream?

The dream is the real manifestation of your inner feelings or somewhat inside your mind that you cant voice out. It always happens that when you dream the characters will always not be so cleared in your dreams, you just know them by means of their gestures and personalities. And right after you awake it all vanished. That's natural. The good in dreams is that you can actually continue your dream like a series drama on tv of course with ending.
Everyone dreams every night it's just that you don't always remember them
either you are dreaming and just don't remember it,
or you are at total peace when you sleep.
You are dreaming, just not remembering them.
Completely normal!
You dream; you just don't remember. If you didn't dream, you'd go mad.
you actually dream every time you sleep, but you only remember them if you are close to waking up. You if you go to bed a 11pm and dream at 12am, and you wake at 7am, you will not remember the dream. but if you went to bed at 11pm, you dream at 6:30am and you wake at 7am, then you will remeber. Did you know that no matter what you dream, dreams are only about 30 seconds long.
The thing is everyone dreams all the time.Weather you remember them or not makes no difference.
We dream all throughout the night. The ones that we remember usually occur about 10-15 minutes before we wake up, and only last between 8-10 seconds. I think that you are still dreaming, but the dreams probably haven't been vivid enough to remember. And even more so, if you are going through a particularly stressful time, or joyous time, you will start to dream more vividly. You'll probably start having more vivid dreams soon.
Sometimes people can sleep very soundly and not experience a dream. I d'know if people dream every night or not but I don't remember my dreams that often either. I might remember one dream a month or sometimes less than that.

If you don't get enough sleep, sometimes you don't have much time to dream. It has something to do with sleeping stages which take hours to go through.
Actually, everyone dreams, but not everyone remembers dream content.

A great way to explore the content of your dreams is to set your clock to waken you 30 minutes earlier than usual. You will most likely be in REM sleep (dream cycle) and if you keep a notepad close to the bed you will be able to journal what you remember.

Pleasant dreams!
Everyone dreams every night about 194721 times it's just that you don't always remember them
I've read somewhere that everybody have dreams regularly, it's just that some people remember them and some don't. What happens to you seems very normal to me.

Everyone dreams, we just don’t always remember them. Most people dream at least 4 to 6 times per night during a stage of sleep called REM (Rapid Eye Movements). This is a distinguishing characteristic of this stage of sleep. During REM periods our brains become as active as they are during waking, although not all parts of the brain are reactivated. REM periods vary in length from 5 to 10 minutes for the first REM period of the night to as long as 30-34 minutes later in the night. Some dreams can be a half hour or more in length. There is also evidence that we can dream in non-REM sleep in the hour or two before waking up, when the brain has become more activated than it was earlier in the night.
Not everyone remembers their dreams. In fact, it is likely that we all forget a high percentage of our dreams. Why? - For the very ordinary reason that we sleep right through them and aren't paying attention to remembering anything.

The difference between those who recall one a month or less and those who remember more dreams seems to be that those who remember, pay more attention to their dreams. For some reason, these people have decided that their dreams are worth remembering. Sometimes it is because they had one that seemed to come true, or one that fascinated them. High recallers say on surveys that they think dreams are important. Even low recallers can be stimulated to recall when they read about dreams or take a class on them.
Also in some cases of excessive dream recall, or no dream recall at all, there may be chemical imbalances at work. Some medications lead people to report to physicians that they are remembering more dreams, and that the dreams are very vivid and realistic. So there are many factors that can influence dream recall.

I find i only remember dreams when i have a problem in life -something that is bothering me-as a result i wake up with the answer to the problem, it sounds crazy but i have a book about dreams by a scientist whom explains it all in great detail and whom has put people to a test in a lab i keep a dream log inside the cover of the book and read back through from time to time
it just means that your mind is too exhausted to generate images in your mind.
Everybody dreams , it's just sometimes you remember, sometimes you don't
nothing,you just are not remembering them. trust me i practice lucid dreaming
Everyone dreams otherwise you go insane. Just that some people don't remember them or remember dreaming.

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