** Are we full of habits or are we being our True Self? **?

People do things everyday that distinguish them from eachother. Are they just habits learned or are people showing their self and personality on the actions they do or don't do?

There is so much we do out of habit we don't know we're doing it! We don't even 'think' about it; that's why it's habitual. Some habits are useful. Once you've learned to do something you do it automatically without having to concentrate or get stressed by it. Driving for instance. It took a lot of thought for me to learn, but after years of driving I just jump in the car and don't have to think too much about it, other of course than concentrating on driving safely! We are creatures of habits and even the way we think and react can be out of habit. Once people realise this especially if the habit is having a negative affect on their behaviour, they can be encouraged to 'break out' of the habit. Because the good thing is: habits can be broken. So yes we are full of habits but underneath them all, lies our true self.
Its both. We, as biological machines are fully habitual. Our minds too are fully habitual with little if any "creative novelty"

And we always exist as the true absolute self, otherwise it would not be true and absolute. It is two different levels and they coexist.

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