Why do I care about what people think?

I suffer from anxiety and depression because of it. I am starting to see a counsellor for it, just in case you ask, and no I’m not taking any medication, the doctor felt I didn’t need it.

Personally I think theres a fine line between caring and being over sensitive. I too am very concerned about what people think of me, but as I have got older it has become less important to me...I'm more able to just be myself now and if people don't like it then that's their problem!
The counseling is very helpful, make the most of it...be totally open and honest with your counselor to get the most benefit from it.
I am exactly the same, it drives me mad, I often suspect there are lots of peope who feel like us though and they just don't liket o admit it, you're not alone!
You are too sensitive, you need to detach yourself from these feelings and not worry about what people think!!
You'd be a pychopath if you didn't care. I know it's hard though.
your just sensitive dont worry what people think of you people who judge you are probably not happy with themselves be happy hun lifes to short x
Continue counseling. Many people have this need to be liked and be accepted...I think we ALL do to a point. But you have to realize that not everyone is going to like you or agree with you. It's best to gain the self confidence to know you are the best person you can be, and that you are validated regardless of what other people think. The key is gaining self confidence
My mom always said to me:
When we are 20 - we always worry what people think about us
When we are 30 - we stop caring what people think about us
And only when we are 60 we realise that no one ever thought anything about us.
Its true. People dont care. They have their own problems in their head to worry about you or yours. :-)
To some degree...we all care about what people think and mold ourselves to fit the image..It's only natural..however, if you're in the wrong company who pressurizes you then you need to distant yourself from those group of people. You didn't specify why you feel depressed or anxiety over it. I also don't feel you need medication for it so it's good that you're not on medication. Learn to love yourself and feel free to express yourself regardless of what anyone says..You will find that many people will admire you for your trueself..hope this helps...
Are you indian?? All indians care about is what will other people say, they live for others not for themselves. it's not worth, think about what you want not what you think other people want from you.
Evolution. If you didn't care you'd be excluded from the herd as well as being completley psycho. It's the reason we have altruism- so we can stay in a social herd and thus have a better chance of survival. Of course, in today's world of TV and computers and supermarkets, we don't actually need to care anymore. This urge for compainionship is destroying so many people. We don't need it. At All. A.>T>A>L>L
Perhaps you care because your a nice person, i suffer with anxiety and had depression. Having a counsellor will help you i hope, i tried that and hypnotism (which worked for a while) but im back to square one. But i have various methods to help deal with it, breathing exercises, relaxation methods i run through the gambet till i find one that helps. Drugs dont cure they just dull it i found. Good luck!
i think it's pretty normal for any of us to care about what others think about us. you need others approval and opinion on what they think about you or what we are doing. but at some point, when they say negative things about you, u need to look into it. if they are right, take the advice and improve yourself. if, they are not, just ignore it or let it be. this happens to everyone. or so i think
I am just the opposite than what you are.
I never cared about what can or could people think about me, what I am doing, how I am thinking...
none could ask me what I am doing or why, and people are afraid to talk to me (I ignore it at first, but then know it from one scraed friend).
I don't really know your problem, but I think it's good to know and take into consideration what people think, but not to direct our lives.
I hope that you'll feel better, but I am afraid that no medicine can help you in this case, and you are aware of that. the only one who could help is YOU.
I guess that reading some stuff can more help you than anything else. I personnaly read a lot to transform myself to someone who care more T_T... really this life is strange.
every person in this world has a need to feel loved, and that people care about them. It's really as simple as that. Some are more sensitive than others to this notion.
Your not alone and thanks for posting this now i don't feel it's only me. keep seeing a counsellor.I'm also going to speak with someone.The more people own up to this maybe then things can change for the best.
We can not help but be PARANOID, in this day & age. What with all the hype put out by supposed fashion companies.

But. My way of handling it is (DON'T WORRY, BE HAPPY)
I use to be the same and I also suffered from depression and anxiety because of it.my doctor recommended counseling but I didn't feel like seeing a counselor.I have tried different methods like hypnosis but it didn't work and at one point I have realized that the most important things is that you have to believe in yourself and be confident in everything you do…in this way it doesn't bother you what people say or think about you as long as you are happy with yourself..

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