What would you do if your phone rang in the middle of sex?

would you be mad if your girlfriend answered it, RIGHT in the middle

You left out the most important part. Did she talk to the other person right then or did she say "I'll have to call you back" If she talked to them I would be offended and look for another relationship you ain't got much there. If she told them she would have to call them later (much later) don't worry.
i would see what she would say. if its an important phone call than i wouldnt mind. if its a friend that she talks to than i would be offended that she would rather talk to the person.
cell phones can be turned off for a reason.
You have the right to be upset. That is rude. Unless it was on vibrate. LOL
I won't answer it but then again it could be an emergency. And its a sign that she isn't enjoying. Because if she is then she wouldn't even hear the phone ringing.
If my girlfriend would answer the phone right in the middle of sex, I would be ashamed for not being able to give her an appropriate sex.

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