Can anyone offer their advice with this please?

So, here's the thing, and I was wondering if anyone has an idea of why this happens or some ideas. I've always been attracted to guys, always wanted to be with them, but there's always been a certain something about girls that I can't quite place. If I see a pretty girl, I may think that she's hot or whatever, but I never actually think of doing anything with her or, if I eventually force myself to think about it, I don't really want to do it. If I think about doing something with a guy it makes me happy and I love the thought of it. But I think that if I'm at all aroused by girls, that means I have to be with them, so I try to make myself. I mean, why would I be excited at the sight of them if I didn't want to be with them? Can it be that simple that it's just if you want to be with someone, you just do, and if you don't, you don't? Am I totally overthinking things? Any thoughts on this would help. Yes, I'm in counseling and have been abused as a kid, which may affect my thinking.

I am assuming you are a guy, though you haven't mentioned your gender. If you force yourself to be someone you aren't you will end up being miserable and resenting the people around you for leading you into the situation you will be in. There are a lot of people who refused to acknowledge they are gay, got married and had kids because that's what they thought the society wanted from them. So, yes, your body can be turned on by a female and you can even have kids but still be gay.
Experiment without making commitments to people until you find your own sexual orientation, and embrace it, don't do things you don't want because of society's prejudism, be true to yourself and be happy.

Wish you the best of luck.
Experiment,discreetly,don't tell anyone you love them,and figure yourself out...
Hello u need 2 be a girl and stop thinking about guys
sometimes its hormones,other times its what's expected of 12 yyear old grandson has no interest iin girls yet he likes guys,bikes,competing that ok. to get turned on by girls is ok too according to socity you're making too much out of this .learn who you are,enjoy life I'm 63 its shorter then you think.
Yes, the abuse is very likely a factor. It may mean that sex with girls is frightening to you, or that sex with guys triggers memories of some good feelings.

But there are other possibilities. Girls are great. They're socialized to be nicer than guys, and they can be a lot more pleasant to hang out with. Maybe you just enjoy their company more.

Or you may be bisexual. We don't talk about it much, but many people are attracted to both men and women, even though some of them never act on it.

Sexuality is fluid. You may be attracted to men and women at different times in your life, or you may find that over time you become exclusively attracted to just one or the other. All of these are normal.

It's ok to be confused. Even people who have never been abused and are strictly heterosexual find sexuality confusing. It's a confusing subject.

I'm glad you're in counseling. I encourage you to talk about this stuff with your counselor. Good luck!
hey. well todays media say its alright for woman to be with another woman. it was religion that made it bad or evil but man can be with man, man can be with woman. religion is only a way to limit people from the possibilities because they are afraid of the unknown. right or wrong is not decided by any religion because that would limit the possibilities of our thinking. as for your feelings towards woman, well if its what you want then go ahead and thats seeing if that fits in with your goals and all. im a guy, and i want to have childrens someday so i wouldnt want a man to man sexual stuff. as for the person saying its hormones or your idea of being abused as a child, that maybe true only if you allow circumstances decide for you, those idea just means you arent consciously deciding what you want.
I think having some abuse as a child affects the way a person grows up, as I know several people who grew up with tendencies to be different from what God intended and all were abused as children. Stay in counseling, and aim for what God intended you to be. Work at starting life over and getting rid of the past. Don't let the Devil's work get a hold on you.
Sexual feelings can be a very mysterious thing..Some people are inclined to be one way or the other and some people can have feelings for people of both sexes. Try just to be yourself and be in touch with whatever you are feeling.don't try to act or feel a certain way because you think you are expected to act or feel a certain way! The issue of being abused may be playing a part in what you are feeling. You may want to talk about these feelings with your counselor if you are not already! Good luck!
Simply, nature gives a man the desire to be with a woman. It is your choice to suppress these feelings not to be with a woman. Why not give it a try, you may find it amazing.Personally I find being with a woman the best thing in life.
In your case I believe its more that you don't wish the messy committments that come with female lovers. Pregnancies and responsibilities, that neediness.

Guys can take care of themselves, right?
I'm kinda like that too, but i consider myself straight. We're all like that, and there's nothing wrong wit it, its just people wont admit it. you might be bisexual. or you just might think some girls are hot, They are! and some dudes think some guys are hot, but it dont mean theyre gay or anything...the abused thing also affects it. like, some people who were abused think abusing their partner is right, nothing wrong wit it. either way, its all good!! u just have more ppl to pick from

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