Am I being mean and insensitive, and what can I do to help me deal?

We are putting my cat down tomorrow, and I love her to death! She is 17 years old and I have had her all my life and I know that its probably her time or whatever but that doesn't make me feel any better. We have been really close ever since I was young she used to follow me around, and I would always cuddle up with her at night, but now she's in bad shape and I don't know what to do. It's a lot easier if I just don't think about her at all and just distract myself and forget about her... Is that mean? i feel like I just can't deal with losing her, I know shes a cat and its pretty lame but I have a problem with getting too attached to things.. I'm really miserable I feel bad just denying it but it hurts so much to think about it. Please help me deal with making the realization that it is just her time and to concentrate on how great her life was not her death. How can I say goodbye???

I understand and am sorry about your kitty cat.the only thing I know that will heal you is TIME..but I know you want something in the mean when you think about her, think of how lucky she was to be in your care, think about how lucky you were to have her in your life.It is not bad to is just your way of dealing with a death.I had a friend whos dad was dying of cancer and she moved away to another state because she couldn't deal with seeing him. She did not get to say goodbye. Tell your cat how much you love her and be with her until she is gone. I hope you can get on knowing she is free of pain.
We put my dog K.C. Bud to sleep on April 20, 2001 because he had parvo. I still think about him to this day. He was 19 years old when he died so I just thought about what an amazing run he had. He lived for a really long time and made us all really happy. What really helps is knowing that I buried him in a good spot. My grandparents own a farm and I buried him up on their hillside because he used to LOVE riding to the farm every day and fighting with their cats. Whenever I think about him I picture him running around the farm with scratches and blood all over him from those darn cats. And I picture him up wherever he is watching us and knowing that we gave him a great life and loved him! It'll get easier. Promise!
you do relize cat years are 7 times faster than ours. so she is very old. 17*7= 119 years old. i am sure almost any or all human that age definatly has at least one thought of wanting their life to be over.

it would be mercy to your cat to put her down. the pain must stop.
I had the same problem with my dog Bear-Bear. She was wonderful! I loved her to death, you aren't being mean this is natural. Try to get her ashes, put some In a river and save some for yourself, remember shes going to a better place where she can never be hurt ,and, with her ashes she will always be with you.

Good Luck!
I've been through this too, and I know what pain you feel. Remember, the only way to avoid the pain of loss is never to love another living thing. Then you would not have your beautiful memories of your wonderful cat.

Also, remember, what you are doing is the kindest, most loving thing you can do for your friend. She trusts you to make her transition as easy as it can be. And she's not enjoying herself now.

You are not mean, and it is not lame. She would not want you to be in pain. I believe that our beloved pets meet us in heaven. Otherwise, it would not be heaven, would it? You will see her again, and she will thank you for helping her.

You will be in my prayers. Take care.
All the steps of grief must be taken. Many will tell you to just get over's just a cat. I had my cat for 17 years also and he had surgery that he died during. You can not and should not bury your feelings and not think of her. It will still be playing in the back of your mind and will continue to effect you in ways that you are not conscious of. There are some things you just must go through when grieving and there is just no way around them,
I am saddened to hear of your loss. Try to work through it as best a s you can. Perhaps some of the insight on this site will ease your painful journey.
I am so sorry!! I know this is painful to go through.
When I was three years old a little kitten found it's way into my back yard. I was lucky enough to get to keep her and named her Fluffy. She was the most beautiful Persian Calico cat I have seen to this day. Everyone that saw her wanted her.
She slept on my chest from day one and I loved her so much. She gave birth to many, many kittens and out lived all but two of them when she died.
She lived for 18 years before crawling out into the pasture and dying. I would have much rather had the chance to put her out of her misery than have her die in the field that way but I was no longer living at home by that time.
So even though I don't know how it is to put your cat down, I do know that still to this day I think about her and I miss her but my comfort comes in knowing that when I pass on one day, she will be there to meet me, along with all my other animals. That's how I cope.
Talk to her, she knows you are doing the best thing for her so don't blame yourself too much.
I too get too attached to things. I have three dogs now and don't want to even think about losing one of them!
I will be praying for you to get through this.
Mercy killing isn't all that mean! Too bad they don't allow that on humans too.

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