What to do when one's feeling really really low?

Why dont you listen to some of your favourite music? Or read a book? If you are feeling really down maybe call a friend over and talk to them about whats bothering you?
Also www.bored.com is always a good source to entertain. Hope this helps :)
Come on to Yahoo there are people who are happy
and people that are sad.
Eat chocolate
lisen to music!!! da type of music dat makes you happy
Just think, there is always someone out there who is in worst shape than you. No matter what it is that is making you feeling low, think about those guys that are poor, sick, in the middle of a war, with no families or friends nearby or otherwise, and all of these at the same time!
Go out and take a walk. Play ball. Go for a swim. Jog.
Write in a journal. Put on some upbeat music. Call a friend who is always in a good mood. Watch a comedy or a tape of comedians. Pet and play with an animal. If you don't have one, go to a pet shelter or pet shop.
Go out to a homeless shelter and volunteer. Nothing will prove to you how small your own problems are when you see the problems of others.
I haven't felt extremely low in quite awhile. I've had my ups and downs but not like before. I used to suffer from pretty severe depression but I gave my life to Jesus Christ and I've had this peace and joy that's hard to describe to someone who's never experienced it. When I'm having one of those tough times, I get quiet and sit at my Heavenly Father's feet ( prayer) and I pour my heart out to Him. I then get my Bible out and look up scripture that talks about the stuff I'm going through. like fear, discouragement, etc. and meditate on that instead of my situation. It always gives me a sense of hope, knowing that whatever I'm going through, that God is faithful and He'll work it out and He'll never leave or forsake me.
I used to try all the other stuff to make me feel better when I was having a bout of depression but it was only fleeting and most of the time I ended up self-medicating on booze. It was great cuz not only did my problems/depression not go away but I had a hangover on top of it.
I don't live my life that way anymore because I'm free of that. In my experience, it's best to deal with the issues that are causing those feelings instead of stuffing or ignoring them. Talking to someone you can trust that's not going to blab can be really helpful, too. Don't give up, hang in there! This, too, shall pass!

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