Am i emo bcause of my peotry plz help me!?

i hate u i love u
y i dont no
i cant stand u
i feel like u hate me
i feel like u love me

i feel like a b1tch
i feel like a hero
i wish i could die
my life is a ditch
that cannot b filled

this life is endless
i wish i could die
life has no meaning
i am here only to take up space
space that is just

i hate u i love u
i hate me for sure
death is near tho
life is death
do we truely hav a meaning

if it so that we do
my meaning is lost
to tha death of my heart
wich has come
with my love and hate for

ps i am 13 and unafraid of mean answers!!

I guess I shouldn't be answering this because I'm not sure I even know what "emo" means.

Does that mean emotional.because that really only 6 more letters for you to type.considering you've typed out an entire poem.that shouldn't be so hard.

Your poem expresses the angst of duality. Death/life, Love/Hate, Meaning/meaningless and etc. That's pretty deep for 13. My duality at 13 was girls/no girls. Anyway. Direct your thoughts...they are interesting. If you can study some of the poems of Whitman and Thoreau...I think you will find them interesting. Also the concept that duality is simply a perspective and not a absolute truth. It is possible to perceive life as a singularity or the opposite as a multiplicity. This means that perception does not have to be black and white. It can be the entire color spectrum or even just all white.

Nice poem. Spelling is important though...even though is a pain in *** and might make you emo. LOL

if your emo because of your poetry then stop writing poetry.
do things that make you not-emo.
thats the worst poem ive ever read, ever
poetry is a self expression without limits keep writing, dont worry, if it comes out emo, then thats how u feel at that moment u were writing it...
Here's the problem. There are two types of people in this world. A: you write for attention. B: you write because it's simply how you feel. If you're B, then the answer is no, you are not "emo". You just like to write about your feelings. That's all. If you're an A...then yeah, I can see how society would view you as an "emo" kid. Regardless, categorizing people is wrong in my book. Be your own judge. Stop letting outside influences determine how you are supposed to view yourself.
If ur unafraid then clearly you know you're not an emo, but, this means you know already means there must be a surprise party waiting for me outside? let me go check

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