A bad dream...?

I had this dream that i was driving my dads truck and suddenly i lost control of the truck and it flipped five time into a field. Now some person pulled over to help me and when i got out the car i had a big piece of glass sticking out of my side. This person and i both tried pulling it out, and i swear i could feel the pain...

Does this mean something? or is it just my mind showing me my own personal hell or what?

any advice or solution would be appreciated as i'm scared as hell. ----Thanks.

It's probably your subconscious telling you to be more careful on the road. did you have a near miss recently??
There is usually some small bit of reality in a dream. something you are afraid to face, or maybe a relationship with someone that is not quite set in your mind.
Don't be scared....just be careful.good luck

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