Why are humans made... why do we rule our world? are there more like us?

please answer my 3 questions... i want the questions not in a religious way... i want to know the "Real way" please no Myths...

1. We weren't "made." We evolved like every other life form on this planet. There is no "why."
2. Evolution has made us adept at dominion over other life forms.
3. Statistically, it is likely there are others "like us" on another planet. How much they are "like us" is open to debate.
If you ask questions no one knows the answer to then you can't expect a "real" answer
Humans evolved from other life forms. The earliest life forms were a result of a cell replication process brought about by an inadvertent and random combination of primitive, biological processes which were initiated after the Big Bang.

Humans are currently the superior and dominant species because of our development of higher level thought processes brought on by the natural selection of random mutations.

There are most likely other life forms on other planets which have equal or even superior mental capabilities, but they would probably not resemble us physically.

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