Do you think a-hole is acceptable?

Why is it ok to say a-hole on television, but the term it implies is not ok? Shouldn't the meaning be banned, not the word alone? Isn't "eff you, a-hole!" more like training wheels for kids? Is it enough to bleep out words on the radio, when people already can take a guess as to what word is being censored? "Hey, ---- you ---hole!"... Gee, what do you think was bleeped out? I say the entire sentance should either not be allowed, or be completely allowed. Well, for free public radio, the entire sentance should not be allowed, and if you have to bleep it out a song, then the song shouldn't be allowed. On payed for Satellite radio, the entire song with the cuss words should be allowed. I know it's already allowed that way on the Satellite, my concern is about the radio. Should the meaning behind the words be considered bad, not just the word itself? I can't understand why son of a gun is ok, when we know it implies the same thing as son of a b-word. It means the same thing!

I totally agree with you. People seem to think that if you use a "code"/abbreviation that it somehow mitigates the crude negativity. I think that it just allows them to use these expressions more freely because they have been "sanitized/gentrified". Oh, all except "gosh darn it" - this particular one is really not considered crude, and in fact it's a very quaint remnant of an earlier, tamer and gentler era.
Careful're crossing the line into censorship.
...i love foul language - indeed it is not foul at is like masturbation - everyone does it but few will admit they like it or even do it ...censorship sucks
Censorship is for blithering idiots who can't think for themselves or doubt their childrens' ability to think for themselves.
I think the word and its 'implication in disguise' are the same, but in some instances it's ok. Have you ever seen 'Battlestar Galactica'? Instead of eff or whatever, they say 'frack.' Doesn't bother me. On the other hand, when my sister came home from high school saying friggin' (or some variation like that) it bothered me. Maybe it was her age, but five years later and a Battlestar fan (both of us) she says frack and it's not so bad. Frequency and situation also play important roles in how irritating I find swearing to be in 'reality' and in 'media-land.'

I can't control others and I don't support censorship, so I just leave the situation if need be. Just cuz it's on the radio, well, you don't have to listen to it. Tune into another station. And if there are little kids listening out there somewhere it's not your problem. They're not your kids. You can try to censor what your kids listen to, but they'll hear those words somewhere sometime anyways. I did, and I was incredibly sheltered until high school.

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