What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

My wife and I were having dinner in a restaurant while we were visiting Canada.

I noticed this young couple sit down near us. Obviously a first date situation. They both were very nervous. The menus came and the prices were probably more than the young man expected.

I saw him take his wallet out under the table and open it and thumb through the bills inside. He looked at the menu and thumbed again.

I got my wife's attention and alerted her to the problem he was having. We both smiled... it was so cute!

I called the waitress over and told her to bring me their bill as soon as they had ordered. We finished eating and paid for both checks before we left.

We didn't look back and don't have a clue how they took it, but in my minds eye I can see them having enough money to go to the movie afterward. I hope it "made his night" and maybe they still talk about the strangers who bought them dinner.


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haha lol
Driving about 12 hours on a trip alone in order to see the last state I needed to visit. Luckily, that was when gas prices were pretty low.

What's the craziest thing YOU ever did?
being a paranoid skitzo I would have to say joining this sight would be far more crazy than anything I have ever done it sends me into relapse daily some dayz I have to delete all my contacts iget so crazy
Jumped off a cliff into water 62 ft below
Went 110mph in a 55mph in the opposite lane approaching a turn.

It's probably not the craziest I've ever done but it was intense...and stupid. Lol.
Dressed as a clown and worked the center ring at a circus.
living in a day without praying to God Almighty
Having sex on top of a water tower overlooking Tokyo Japan
having sex with my bf in a cafe full of people.i was in a skirt and i sat in his lap.i dont think anyone saw anything.although some people gave us strange looks.but we were kids and it was fun,we were proud after that :)

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