A question for shy adults... did you shyness get worse or better when you moved out of your parents' house?

I"m kinda afraid that when I move out it'll get worse.
I'm not good at socializing and stuff, don't have any good friends, never date. Did that get worse when you moved out? Or better?
I'm 20 and definately moving out within 2 years, (maybe sooner: money permitting).

you need to escape from your parents. you need live your life. it's great that you love your parents but you need to find out who you are and i hate to say it but you won't if you're still living at your parents house. it will get better trust me , i use to be in your same shoes and now I'll talk to just about anyone that comes my way because people are people, they won't bite you.
It will get better because you are more indepent.
Until my social anxiety hit with the severe depression my shyness got somewhat better when I moved out. I was forced to do things for myself that I didn't previously have to do, like make my own appointments and just be overall more self-sufficient. It builds confidence.
I overcame my shyness by going into college debate and speech.

Also, it helps to have a job that requires you to interact with people.

Shyness is "learned" and can be unlearned.
My social skills improved drastically.
The shyness itself stayed about the same for me, but over the years, I have become more skillful in dealing with it. The first skill I developed was to observe others closely so that I became interested in their lives and feelings. Then, slowly, I learned to take some initiative in beginning and maintaining conversations.

I discovered an odd paradox: my shyness stemmed from a fear that others would not like me, but it also caused be to remain aloof, which made that happen anyway. There is a difference between indifference and dislike, but not enough of a difference to justify avoiding the risk of the latter in favor of a certainty of the former.
Definitely better, because you gain new confidence as you start to do things on your own.
i reckon that living independently will make you step out of your comfort zone as you have to do a whole heap of things by your self that you would usually leave to your parents [eg: having to ring someone for something important, asking someone, etc]. so at a certain degree, you will have to battle shyness to "survive"

as for the socialising bit, i dunno...as i do not usually involve my parents with that, so its still the same. i mean, i am by myself with that, i choose my friends, i talk to people i like without having to ask my mum bout what she thinks of a certain person, and because theres no direct relationship between socialising and having parents around, i think moving out of the house will not change my socialising habits, well to me atleast.

btw, yes, i am painfully shy too, heck i even get shy just ordering a pizza! LOL. we should be fine bud. about having a date, man EVERYONE is at least a wee bit anxious to ask a bird out, apparently some blokes just have guts to ask them out, so they end up having dates - what im saying is, feel the fear and do it anyway. sorry, digressing.

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