*sigh* ._. I'm ****. Something about motivation.?

LOL, sorry for the title. XD

Ok, so I'm a 15 years old boy that goes to school everyday and stuff like that. I, frankly, really wish to be good in my studies but games just drive me crazy. I've been telling myself that those **** games will drag me down and prevent me from achieving my goals, yet I still stuck in games(PC games) -.-" What am I? I want to study properly and be successful in the future yet I'm playing games and not using my time to study. Just, I don't have the guts to study in my room. =.= You see, my my hands just don't like to touch books. How can I get back to study and WALK TOWARDS MY GOALS AGAIN? I REALLY FEEL BAD YA KNOW?

-hugs you-

I feel ya. But somehow I managed a 4.0 GPA. I'm addicted to computer games. But the stress from friends was on a low key since they knew I was trying to get that 4.0 GPA. They even helped me study! Just stare at the book and repeatedly tell yourself you've just got to do this. That's what I did. I realized if I was for real about getting straight A's I had to crack down and just do it.

Oh--and one last thing. My parents BLOCKED two websites I went to. Permanently. For other reasons. That really redirected my focus. Not suggesting this, though, but it helps.

Whatever you do, DON'T START DRAMA OR GET INVOLVED IN A LOT OF THINGS AT THIS TIME. Don't let stress get to you either!!

I dumped a friend after my studies were over cause I meant to do this during my studies. But it just would've distracted me so I waited. School came first. I was on several different after school projects at this time and things were so hectic I barely had time to cram in time to study before falling asleep to yet another restless night. I just did things I liked to do but studied in the meantime. When I thought of those things, I really remembered a lot.

Good luck.
As everyone else says, you are addicted.
But you know that.
This addiction is easier to break. You just have to overcome your habit for only four days of cold turkey.
After the four days, you will feel different.
Then, if you feel you want to play again:
Give your games to your parents to hold as you don't use them.
Take multi-disc games and only take one from your parents at a time. This will irritate them, and you will not be so "into" your game and will find another pursuit.
It worked for me! Only, I! am the parent I used.
Hmm...100 % like me ! but I accept that and move on !
I play game about 8 to 10 hours a day ! Saturday'll be 15 hours..
OK here's what you do. Give your parents your games. Volunteer to give them up until your grades come up, there is your motivation. If that doesn't work then you simply have to monitor yourself and set your computer up with a timer. Meaning that you play for a set about of time and when the timer goes off that's it or set it so it saves and shuts it self off.
Tell your self you can not play games until you study. Or say if I study this many hours I can play games the same many hours. Tell your mom and dad your problem as well. Studies are better for you but all work and no play is bad too.
Soon you will be having to get out of the house on your own, You need to study 1st. I know someone who's your age and He knows nothing about anything but games. I feel so sorry for Him since he was 5 years old he has been in front of the computer playing games. He can;t even ride a bike. Never has done any kid stuff at all.
PLEASE get away from games.If you are addicted tell your parents or someone who can help you sort your time.
I believe you will make the right decision.
Throw those games away. Go study in the library.

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