Am I insecure?

II really dont think of myself as an insecure person. I think I am pretty attractive and smart and can hold my own but sometimes I think that so many of my actions are those of an insecure person. Or are they? I am loud and like to have all eyes on me so much I sometimes do or say stupid things to achieve this. I cant stand people making fun of me. I am saving up to have plastic surgery on my face (I am 26). i am on a diet all the time even though i know that i am not even fat (i weigh 130 and am 5'6). What is being an insecure person to you? We all have our insecurities of course but when do you become labeled as insecure and need to really start to work on the perception of yourself.

You are an exhibitionist with somewhat low self esteem. Not that unusual. ~
Getting plastic surgery- will it advance your career?

Models are women with rare freakish proportions that appeal to extremes of our senses, like candy bars and fried chicken to the taste.

The irony in the question implies some level of insecurity, lol. A lot of normal and fun people are insecure. Do you laugh at jokes that aren't funny, always order what someone else orders, make up stuff to look good in front of your friends? Those are the insecurities to worry about.

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