Why didn't I just come clean to my girlfriend about my OCD in the first place?

I just didn't want to scare her off. I have an undiagnosed case of severe OCD. I know I have it because I've been doing the same things since 2002.

I have these thoughts that if I don't do this or that this will happen, or that I need to do this or that in order to prevent this.

I also do things in numbers sometimes, or I unplug and and turn off my computer over and over again to complete the rituals. I sometimes can't throw things away when I want to because of the ocd rituals involved. I sometimes wash my hands over and over again. Or stand there and turn off the light switch over and over again. I know I have ocd. I've done enough research on it.

The thing is, I'm fine when I'm around other people. I only get bad when I'm alone or stressed. She told me she doesn't care and she has lived with someone who has had ocd worse than me actually. The thing is, I love her more than life itself. I get depressed sometimes because of my ocd. At least I know she'll be with me.

Wow, I really resent having watched that youtube video...I don't know what i was actually expecting to see now that I think of it. Anyway...i have an impulse control disorder, it's affected me since age 13. most of us with disorders know that it's a senseless stupid routine that helps us cope with stress but looks like absolute insanity to the people who manage to enjoy going to the gym. i'm personally just thrilled to find someone with the disorder in a relationship who also seems intelligent and normal. it's not something talked about about but i think it's a disorder that is much more common than you think. if you don't want it to drive her away, you won't let it. i have a hard time dealing with my issues because it's also worse when i'm alone and therefore i tell myself it's less of a problem. i refuse to goto a self-help group because i'm afraid of totally defining myself as a person who is disordered rather than a person who "acts differently sometimes". If it makes you feel better, it sounds like you have a great relationship and she is probably just as worried that you will meet some OCD chick on the internet and want to leave her! Many people have secrets even worse than your own. Most women would rather be with someone who is OCD as opposed to someone with a DUI, for example. Keep your chin up! :)
You didn't tell her because you thought she would leave you. Now that you know she'll be there for you it's time you put your mental health in check by going to see a psychiatrist. Therapy and medication can change the disorder you have. Try someone who specializes in cognitive or rational emotive therapy. You'll be glad that you did!
Rob. OCD can be challenging for sure. It is certainly understandable that you didn't feel comfortable telling her up front. You might want to check out treatment for it. Treatment is very effective in comparison for those for some other disorders. Also medications can be helpful as well. Your case, as you describe it actually sounds on the mild side to me. I'd be surprised if treatment weren't helpful. Whether you decide to get some experienced help with this or not, I've included a book below that might be of help. Keep in mind that EVERYBODY has their own ****. If you are a kind, caring and pretty interesting guy, those qualities may well outweigh any negative impression she might have of OCD. Good luck.

I have the same problem as you just not as bad...

I do things over again and I'm a perfectionist ocd.

My boyfriend is supportive of me and is completely ok with it...

Like me, you seem uncomfortable with having other people know you're ocd.

I just came out and told my boyfriend about my ocd before we started dating to make sure he would accept me.

It was hard for me to do but I did and I'm glad.

We are very happy together and he accepts me for who I really am and not for who I'm not...

Well, I hope every thing stays good with you and your lady... and your ocd...

Good luck,


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