Constantly mistaken identity....?

On an almost weekly basis, I get mistaken for someone else, or I look just like some old friend. I can't get over how regularly this occurs, my family thinks it's hilarious. I just wonder if this happens to anyone else or does anyone know why this would occur so often?

Oh man you remind me of my cousin LOL no but seriously. Some people have what is called basic features where from a distance they could be mistaken for someone else. This is not a bad thing as it is seen as a social tool that many have used to make a ton of new friends as they are always meeting new people. I have heard it said that people who have this develop great personalities and exceed overwhelmingly through life.
it has happened to me maybe 10 times and im 46 yrs old. i dont think thats real often... but wow it does seem to happen to you a LOT!
Thats a lot!! Maybe you look like one person... and they are incredibly popular!!

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