Isn't it the root of all evil that people generally do not want to see what they don't like?

It strikes me for instance each time in FunQA.coms that whenever I give an answer "thumbs down" that answer is immediately hidden. Each time I come back to a question to review the answers I have to click "show," sometimes numerous times, to be able to do so. In my opinion it is symptomatic for how automatically people only want to see the perceived "good" side of things. I have learned there are two sides to everything and seeing only one side as "good" is what keeps us trapped in ignorance. While always seeing both sides is what leads us to the truth that liberates us. What do you think? Shouldn't we massively request Yahoo! to change this mind-limiting behavior?

When I read the question I did not think that it is about,still I say why should I see something I don"t like!
I tried to put a thumb-down on your question, but could not.

I have received so many Violation Notices from church people that your point seems by comparison rather mild.

Whole questions of mine have been deleted cause church people don't want to see them. Then I get a violation notice in the email.
That's an interesting point...although I apparently haven't given it as much thought as you have. Frankly, if I've gone to the trouble of giving a "thumbs down," then it's for a response that's so ignorant that I don't ever NEED to read it again...
Actually I think society is much more given toward seeing the bad in people than the good. If you look at any news on TV, they always focus on the bad -- what the worst criminals did for the day, what exploded, who died, etc., etc. It's the train-wreck effect -- when we see something horrible, we can't look away. And our society has put such emphasis on all this negative behavior that we have criminals that actually commit incredible and strange crimes JUST to get publicized.
if theres a root of all evil then you should chop it off. theres no such root anyways, just some stupid idea you took probably from some christian bible labeling whats good and bad anyways. so shut your evil idea trash and trash it.
I don't know if it's the root of all evil, but I do wish they'd hide all the thumbs-up, too.
Again, it's all about being politically correct.
I don't know, what you have to say is very interesting, but personally I always confront what I don't like. A view point for example, I argue about it and research both sides of that argument. Fears for example I confront them in the hope that they will stop (to no avail). I don't think that it is the root of all evil, because I can be "evil" without not wanting to see something, I could mentally destroy a person just to see the effects. Although that is only a very small part of what you call "evil". I doubt there can be a root cause.
I am left wondering what your perception, and definition of evil is?

I do do feel that we as a society reject rather than learn from that which makes us uncomfortable or we cant be with.

And in response to the comments about the news and entertainment industry, I think that horror, and destruction is something we are more and more able to be with. I feel that it is in fact intimacy and subjects of our inner, and higher aspects that we are more inclined to avoid.

Funny that huh?
You view point is quite interesting but in my opinion, yes there is two sides to everying be it good v evil, positive v negative.
Although each persons perception is different, it is scientifically proven that no two can exist at the exact same time so that leaves me to the conclusion that we percieve that which we choose be it conscious or unconcious which in turn gives us our results that we experience.

Ultimately although the negative can serve to broaden our awareness it is extremely important for our state of mind to focus on the positive as much as possible as what we focus on expands.

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