My brother is poor, has never been responsible. Failed 2 marriages and has had extramarital affairs?

He never took work/life seriously and is now retired (50 yrs old). He has 3young children and expects other siblings to help him financially. I am quite well-off and have been helping him with money, but he is not very honest to me and tried to embazzle money from me. After his second wife died, he married his long time mistress who treats his 3 kids bad. He says that he is very depressed due to her. Me & other siblings tried to help him with that too and he saw a shrink who advised him to find solution to his problems. He said he will divorce his current wife but did not. Looks like he does not want to leave her, and we can not force him, but we strongly think that she is taking advantage of him. They both say that they are not happy. After retirement, he started 2 businesses one after another, which failed b/c he did not give time or attention. Now I have stopped helping him. I don't even call him. I am tired of helping him figure out the root cause of his failures. What should I do

nothing. You did the right thing. You were enabling him to start with. I am sure he has problems just like most of us but i know for sure that you cannot solve his problems for him and enabling him just delays his coming up with a solution. He is probably going to get worse before he gets better
Get him to learn about Forgive Affirmed Spirit and give up eternal damnation worship. It might help you too.
The Jerry Springer Show is waiting for you man. Please contact them for big bucks, and lots of punches to your brother's face. He deserves it, really man.
I'm proud of you for having stopped helped him. He is your brother but he is also 50 years old. Stopped trying to figure it out it is his life, he needs to take hold of it somewhere somehow, he can call you when he gets his act together and that is when you should converse.
Good luck and strive to keep God in your life for all reasons!
You have answered your own question:
"Now I have stopped helping him. I don't even call him. I am tired of helping him figure out the root cause of his failures."

You truly have nothing else that needs doing. You have helped him quite enough and yet he has failed you. Just walk away, brother. Live your life and let him live his own as he sits fit.
Actually I can imagine what you are going through. I have a sister who is like or if not worse than the scenario you created of your brother. She is now 45, has 5 children, does not work and is a single mom. She literally does most things in a unique way that I fail to understand most time whether she thinks before acting.
Yet, I still love her quite a lot. Sometime back I used to try to talk to her and advice her to change her ways. I realised though that when people reach 40something years, its a little bit too late to change over a new leaf. Your brother like my sister has learnt that he can rely on the family to support all parts of his life. Tell him that you won't keep on supporting him of he doesn't change his world. At the same time try to realise that it will take a while to see any kind of change in him.
On the other hand, YOU have to realise that despite his faults he has a certain contribution that he has brought to the family. It might not be a monetary contribution but perhaps something else. For example, despite you realising it, your siblings might be closer to gether because you usually take time to discuss what to do with the black sheep.

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