All you sarcastic people- what's the point of sarcasm?

is it a cover because you're afraid to open up? i like sarcasm but why do people do it? it get's on my nerves a lot. any psychological reasons?

two words: defence mechanism.
all you sarcastic people- whay's the point of sarcasm?

is it a cover because you're afraid to open up? i like sarcasm but why do people do it? it's getting on my nerves a lot. any psychological reasons?
I use sarcasm alot. But see the thing is i open up to people real easily and im not afraid to share my emotions and state my opinions. I dont know its addicting i use sarcasm alot! I dont know why probably because the people i hang around with a jokesters and also because they use it too.
Sarcasm is a method used to belittle or demean others. It is hurtful most of the time, as well as unnecessary. I believe sarcasm is a defense mechanism used to hide low self esteem.
Sarcasm makes small people feel big, as it gives people a chance to one-up others as there is really no comeback to a sarcastic remark, other than a sarcastic "thanks."
Sarcasm results from an immature and insecure attitude.
yeah right
I guess I use sarcasm as a nice form of expressing my anger/disappointment. My husband curses and slams things around, I use sarcasm. Which would you prefer?
Because you are all sooooo stupid.

Its my way of dealing with stupid obvious questions that people ask. Or the questions they ask just to here themselves talk.
Some use sarcasm to glorify themselves at the expense of others, but when they lose the fight they are down in the mouth and plotting their revenge. They are often angry people who practice a lot. Sometimes it comes from impatience. Constant sarcasm from parents can ruin children who have no defense. It can destroy the self confidence of some and make them depressed. It is important not to the the sarcasm of others seriously. Conversely, I know some who make others laugh out loud at the sarcasm aimed at them when its good natured or instructive. Love can be conveyed, even in sarcasm by a talented humorist.
To make other people feel like crap and the person using the sarcasm to look better. I've also seen it use to avoid uncomfortable situations.
i suppose u can say it is a defence mechanism, but i use it anyway, it is addicting, sure it can be hurtful too, but ppl need to lighten up

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