Am I good enough to get into a clinical psyc program for a M.A.?

I hear it is competitive. It's a little intimidating, but how good you need to be? Here's what I got:

Active Duty Air Force experience as an Electronic Warfare Technician - Honorably Discharge as an Senior Airman E-4
Two years stationed in Germany; I had a lot of achievements, leadership experience, a few small awards, finished training in 2/3 normal time, etc.

I just got into my senior year at a fair college, University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Major in Psychology/minor in Biology
I should finish with about a 3.4 GPA and in only three years.

I am a counselor in training at a halfway house, working on a Addictions Counselor licence. I've clocked a lot of hours and should have the licence by the time I get my B.A.. I study, do charting, observe and assist in one on one sessions and will soon have my own patient.

I am multi-talented. I play piano, bass, sing, write.

I worry about my GPA but I hope this other stuff will make a difference, will it?

A lot of time, schools look for whether or not you have research experience. Even students who are at the top of their class have trouble because they do not have any experience doing research. Otherwise, you sound good!
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