Do you look at your life as a spectator and enjoy moments of it ? how often do you do?

In this age of speed and constant change do people have time reflect , relax , and enjoy the moments of their life. Parting does not come in this category. You have to step aside and watch the moments in your life with a pause / slow - mo button

life is not like vcr remote,u can't speed or slow down or reverse it.u have to enjoy it while life the way u want without hinderin others.if u read many books,that means u have lived 10 lives-this is a india if u come,there's be many sayings about is like a game,play is like an icecream,enjoy these,many quotes or sayings are there.
We all need to become a spectator to evaluate our life. At times we react to a situation by impulse, not thinking about the consequences of our actions. This is the time when we need to sit back and find the true reason behind our actions.
Recalling happy times spent with others is also helpful in dealing with a personal crisis.
Every moment and i am enjoying it to the max.

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