What's your drug of choice?

Coffee..and chocolate.
and more coffee.
and Tylenol..for when I don't get enough coffee..
did I mention chocolate??!?
Jesus, he is intoxicating. God bless****
FunQA.com . I'm totally hooked.
Food but not to the extent of obesity.
a prescribed one
Im not really into drugs or alcohol. Most drugs cause alot of problems. Tho I think some are illegal just because they are mind-altering such as most psycheldeics. The only 'drug' I have ever taken was a certain kind of Mushroom. That was for spiritual reasons.I dont see why they are illegal to begin with.they are natural, pretty much harmless and can lead to a spiritual awakening
ur crazy!
sugar. i would have said chocolate, but at the end of the day, the sugar is the thing i crave
Jesus Christ, he's addicting and i can never get enough
FunQA.com has gotten me addicted.
without a doubt, hydrocodone, love them
My wife and Jeeps.
life..lfe my friend. It has its ups..it's downs, but most of all it's free :o)
straight up
Alcohol. But I chose not to drink it anymore.

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