Adult cutters?

I have a coworker who is in his late 30's or early 40's. I'm almost sure he is cutting himself. He always wears long sleeve shirts and the other day we were goofing around and I bumped his shirt and caught a glimpse of the cut marks. I didn't say anything to him but I know he saw me looking and hurried off.

I always thought this was something confined to mostly teenagers under 18. I have no idea what to do since I don't really know the guy outside of work. Should I push him towards seeking some help? Why would someone that old still cut anyway?

if he is that old and is still cutting he has some deep emotions he isn't dealing with. From my own experience I have found that when some one is helped through counseling or medication the cutting stops. there may be some break through cutting like when medication runs out or a family member dies, or just a hard day. It's possible that they guys was having a break through and you happened to see it. I thinks it's awesome of you that you want to help him, because he may be crying out and you may have been the only one to hear him. tell him if he wants to talk that you will be there. ask him if he would like help finding someone to talk to about it. but don't let the chance to offer help slip away. it could very well save his life. good luck
Probably the same reasons younger people do it- low self esteem, masochism. I think that you should try to get the person help. It would be the right thing to do.
you can't help him. he has to see for himself that he needs help. I work with a girl in her 20's now and she says she has to deal with the cutting every day. every day is a struggle, some days are harder than others but still a struggle for her. my daughter-17yr. started cutting herself. the counselors didn't help, so she quit going. I just talk to her more and LISTEN more.
Well depression does end up being a factor with some of the cutters.
Well, if you plan to help him I think you should be ready for whatever might happen, he might get angry with you, he might want to lean on you and make you his emotional crutch, which isn't a bad thing if you can handle all the emotion that he might confide in you. How are you emotionally, can you handle whatever he might spill out if he chooses to trust you to help him. If you decide to help him, I say you should just get him alone and kindly touch his arm and look him in the eye and say "I am a friend, and I am here if you need someone" and give him your number and tell him to call you anytime! Then leave it alone. If he ever does call you, actually DO be there for him and try in a tactful way to talk him into some counseling. It also might help if you ask annonymously at work if there is any free counseling services for the employees, and pass on whatever you find out that might help him!
Wanting to help is a good thing don't get me wrong, but if someone that age is hurting himself then he has years of pain inside that there is almost no help for him...I think at this point all you could offer is friendship, but proceed with caution, sometimes when people have no one they will cling on to the first one who comes along..and that's o.k., but eventually they can wear on you and bring you down..I know from personal experience..My best Friend is a cutter, and it breaks my heart, I have exhausted myself trying to make a difference, I encouraged her to get help and she did...But without lasting effects...Once it's there it will never go away..And if it's an inherited imbalance, be prepared for a life of hurting..Take him under your wing, if you think you are strong enough for the challenge it will bring!! Good luck!
I'm 27 and I still cut. Everyday, I started at 14 and it just carried over. He probably never learned new ways to cope with his problems. Since cutting has always worked for him, of course he will continue to fall back on it.

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