Do you think Cho actually planned the attack?

My dear fellow americans sorry for your lost of dear fellow students and professors. After reading one of his play, i think Cho personalised him as being McBeef, and the 13 year old stepson's statements being the day to day life he experienced and the women being the policy that strained him. analysing the story (if he really wrote that), the writing was not very creative because the conversation were "typical" and i wouldn't say the level of violence was that unacceptable, he was describing something very typical, and the last statement, the deadly throw by richard's large arm, it did not confirm he killed his stepson, "deadly" was a adverb, an action that could cause death but not absolute. anyway, between the 2 hours after he killed the first two people, you wanna know what he was thinking??? well, he had two hours to re-think, he didn't feel scared after killing the first two because he finally decided to kill more after 2 hours of thinking or may be he didn't think at all

We will never know what his thoughts were or why he did it, but I think at some point he could have and should have stopped. If he supposely did not plan it in the first place he surely planned the rest of the shooting!!
I am watching Oprah now, wed 18, and eye witness are describing how he was intent on continuing the murders, he followed, chase and hunted them students like animals.
He was aware of his actions and could have stopped at any moment!
Cho was an angry nerd.
could you rephrase the question, please?

(there were a few paragraphs i failed to understand)
Who knows what is in the mind of a NUT?
He chained the doors. That requires forethought.
He FOR SURE had this ALL planned ... months before the attack - he purchased a gun -- then waited 4 weeks - and bought another - AND bought enough ammunition. If he was only planning on killing 2 people - he wouldn't have bought 2 guns - and he wouldn't have bought so much ammunition.

I think he had it all planned out.
lets see he chained doors shut and he filed the numbers off the guns he used and have enogh clips to kill that many people ........Yep he planned it out
I didn't live inside his head. How would I or anyone else know who or what motivated him.
..very well put. If he had planned the attack, it would only be because he thought "i already murdered 2 people in cold blood, what's the difference if i kill more, then myself"
I wish we knew the reasons... such a sad tragedy
NO! He probably didnt mean to kill all those people! U know what.. it wasnt planned at all dude! He probably just took his gun for a walk and saw thirty people so he was gonna say hi but then he accidentally pulled the trigger at about 40 people. All accidental! We cant blame him!
Well I don't know many college students who have a ready supply of chains just lying around. So yeah, I'd say he planned it. I think he was probably a very disturbed person.

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