I have esp with my neighbors but they are also able to see and hear through me what would this be called?

I have ESP or telepathy with two of my neighbors. I thought I was hearing voices until they approached me. I later asked the question how did you know to approach me and then they dropped the bomb and told me they could see and hear through me wich was obvious when they made little comments about things that were going on in my life as they were happening. There is a little bit of a age difference between the three of us so life has changed for me dramatically. I dont tell my parents or anyone else in my life because I dont want them to think they should act differently because two other people are listening. Imagine never having privacy ever again.We have emailed a bunch of peopl and places with no response until today. We are curious to know if we are able to develope our senses to a higher degree or develope new ones. We are 15 18 and 27 and looking for some direction and some of the responses we have gotten so far are of no use. We are looking 4 answers 2 our ?s and direction

There is no such thing as ESP. Your neighbors cannot see or hear through you. You need to face facts here. Either you're suffering from a delusion, or these neighbors are trying to trick you and take advantage of you.

Whatever the truth is, you're going to need help dealing with it. You need to talk to your parents about this, or another trustworthy adult like your doctor, a teacher, or school counsellor.
how long have you been off your meds? Be honest...
Bulllsheeiitttttttt!!!!! God Bless you.
i dont get it...you hear voices? um i am not sure if you are serious but if you are i would really tell someone. go see a phsycologist pronto...
Okay... I've actually had some success with this, but let me say this first.
I'm guessing you're the 15 year old. If an 18 and 27 year old approached me like this, I hope I'd be suspicious. It's not hard to fake this kind of thing... and I'm sorry, but the age spread is suspiciously like that of a 27 year old pedophile with his former "mentoree" who he's no longer interested in...and now they're looking for new blood.

That said, I did some experimentation with friends with this. The trick was to concentrate on wiping your mind for 15-20 minutes (picture white paper) and then visualize the person you want to connect with. Keep yourself open and try to *go* to the person. That person should be unaware you're doing this at first. Later, he can try sending (same meditation, then project a thought-images are always best) We would get images/flashes of what the other person was doing, with a strong emotional background feeling, usually in an aural context.
This works best if your at a distance from each other (couple of hundred feet away) but in the end run, it was a lot of work for very little output.
you people just know each other too well.
It could be a gift. Make sure that you aren't being tricked by your neihbors and that they just aren't spying on you or just very observant. If it is truly a gift then you need to be responcible about this and not let it interfere with your family and friends lives. If there is a possibility that someone has that kind of access to your personal life you should let people you trust enough know because it's only right. I would want to knopw if I was being listened too. If these other people re for real then they need to respect your privacy and they need to figure out how. Having ESP doesn't make you crazy infact a lot more people are coming forward now admitting being sensitive. Do some research on the web, read about the subject talk with a spiritual person.
the voices will stop if you wear the tinfoil hat sweetheart.
um yeah.you need to break off the bond.

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