Do you ever hate waking up in the morning ?

Not like in a i dont want to go to work kinda way but more.. I dont want to have to try and get through another day kinda way..

i HAVE had those days .. when i didn't have a job ... I find that rather that having those "oh i don't want to go to work days" ... that going to work actually motivates me...

when i haven't had a job .. it seems so much more easier to just pull the covers back over my head and wish i could hybernate. When there seemed no point in even attempting to face the day.
If I manage to wake up, I don't hate it.
EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! When I wake up, I just want to sleep some more. Sometimes my body feels so shot, I have to stay lying down for half more hour. I'm not inactive though, I get plenty of exercise.
You're not alone
I used too. Then I seeked professional help and am now on medication. I suffer from depression. It came to a point where I just wanted to sleep and when morning came I worried what my day was going to be like.
Yes, when I am suffering from a depressive spell I will do anything to avoid having to get out of bed.
It all depends if you have enough sleep the night before. If you sleep too late..then you will ate waking up in the morning....
Occassionally use to.
For some reason when you get cancer you learn to appreciate every day you have since you just never know when it will be your last.
Look to the bright things in life ----
Sometimes I hate to wake up in the morning. But the fact that mornings are so beautiful, makes me feel good about waking up early. think positive! Find an activity that you could pursue in the mornings.. like going for a run or a walk.
you're depressed...getting to sleep is very difficult, but once asleep very hard to get there anyone you can talk to? if not, there are websites that can help...i hope you can work out whatever is troubling you...please talk to someone.

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