(In)Security vs. (Un)Caring?

This question may be a dilemma for some of you, so buckle up!

-You have a multi-millionaire who drives a crappy, dirty, worthless, old car.
-He dresses very casual when he goes to elegant parties.
-His room is a messy and smelly.
Everybody knows this about this guy. Does this mean this person doesn't CARE what other people think of him b/c he is SECURE with himself?

This person later feels that he doesn't want people to think that he is this person from the desciption above.
-He washes his car so it is clean.
- He dresses very conservative and neatly.
- His room is very clean and organize.
Is this person INSECURE with himself just so he can please others to show that he CARES?

If so, what would you rather have SECURITY with no CARE or UNSECURITY with CARE.

insecurity with care.

because if you care, you can learn to be secure in how much you care.

if you are secure, its hard ot undesrtand why you should care.
insecurity with care.

because if you care, you can learn to be secure in how much you care.

if you are secure, its hard ot undesrtand why you should care.
There are so many different facets to your question. If he drives a crappy worthless car, he is saying that he doesn't deserve better. If he dresses casually at elegant parties, he may be saying " I don't care about you or what you expect" or "I don't feel comfortable in elegant clothes so I dress comfortably in spite of social expectations." If his room is messy and smelly, he could just be focused on something else or he could feel he doesn't deserve a pleasant environment. You didn't say he lost his money before changing his behavior, so financial security obviously doesn't have anything to do with it. Washing a crappy car won't help if it doesn't work, so he still has a problem. If he is comfortable dressing conservatively, he may now value himself enough to care what other people think or he may have knuckled under to social expectations due to insecurity. If his room is clean, he may now care enough about himself to live in a pleasant environment rather than worrying about what other people will think about it being messy and smelly. Your choices are not mutually exclusive. You can be secure and care just as easily.
aghh this is a tricky one. Perhaps it is what you described- person was secure in himself to be whoever he was, even though he didn't fit in with his surroundings. And then later on, something caused him/her to give in to society.

OR my theory is that maybe that person changed his own interests himself. Though unlikely, but maybe one day the person woke up and decided he didn't want to live in a messy apartment nd drive a dirty car anymore. And he changed it, espcially because he had the means to do so.
Security without care, you get to learn faster

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