Am i possessed?

well for some time now ive been seeing horrible things. ive been seeing the same dead girl for 4 years now and like outta no where im thinking of something else and i'll just see it and at first i think its a person but as the minutes go on i kno its not and also my mother thinks im possessed everytime something bad happend people say or even my friends say i'll smile at it and really my brains thinking omg thats horrible but my body does another im kinda worried and if ur here to just tell me im crazy then dont bother to answer my questing kay?

Yes, if you're serious about seeing a dead girl, you may have schizophrenia or something like it. But that's not the same thing as being possessed by the devil. It's a serious medical condition that, with the proper care, can be helped tremendously.
you surpassed crazy after the first year of seeing the dead girl
you may want to see a doctor and a psychiatrist and tell them everything about your symptoms, you could be hallucinating, or have a serious mental disorder, these things can be removed (not completely) by medicine, but you have to be willing to not skip the medicine, and trust the doctor.
Hm, you don¨t have to be possessed... Actually I don¨t believe in that. In my opinion everything unusual what happens to people is a part of human brain that we haven¨t research yet. There is an explanation for everything. Why don¨t you talk to psychologist? They can be very helpful... They know a lot about thing like that one and they won¨t think that you are insane...
Medication is good.
you arent possessed or crazy, you are captive of a bad experience . a psychiatrist can help you get over this feeling.
I don't think you're crazy, but this is obviously upsetting your life enough that it makes sense to seek some help. The alternative to not seeking help is continuing to live like this. I would suggest seeing a Christian psychologist, who can both consider the mental health aspects of your situation, as well as the possible spiritual aspects. If you see a psychologist who is not a Christian, he is unlikely to consider spiritual aspects and you might suffer in end from not getting the help you need. The same goes for seeing a pastor or spiritual leader who will very likely declare you to be possessed but not pay attention to your psychological health. Good luck.

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