What do you do when you are so dam depressed?

I have had a horrible year and it doesn't seem to be getting any better.
my Sister died, I had foot surgery that i feel was not needed but let a butcher ( doctor ) talk me into. And foot is worse now than before, yes I went to a new doctor.
Cars keep breaking down.
My wife and i do nothing but fight and I mean Nothing.
What the hell can I do?

Start smoking marijuana!
life is just like that sometimes...sometimes you'll have bad days, months, years.

and sometimes it seems like there is no point or nothing you can do.

but, the good thing about all of this, is that you have the chance to make things better. it is up to you to feel depressed. you should strive to be a good person and make those around you feel happy, because then you will be happy. and sometimes, you just have to laugh at how shitt y life can be.

make a change right now. tell your wife that you love her right now. just go up to her and tell her that you care very deeply for her and that you wish to stop fighting. take her out to dinner.

be the change you want to see in your life
See a psychologist.
Some insurances cover the cost of seeing a psychologist, many more cover the cost of anti-depressants, but it's probably best to see a shrink if you're in a position to do so.

Otherwise, you can try things like picking up a new hobby, volunteering for a cause you really believe in, going on vacation, et cetera. A death is always hard to get over, as is loss of or damage to an important limb--like a hand or foot, and it may help to find something to give you "meaning" or at least help take your mind off of it.

As for your wife... what are you fighting most about, and is it something you can sit down and talk to her about? Seeing a marital counselour may help, but may also not be necessary. Are you yelling at each other a lot? Perhaps you can try asking her to have a nice, civilised discussion and then--if yelling breaks out--quietly excuse yourself. Another option would be to find something constructive to do together--kayaking, hiking, building a new room, etc.

Good luck, man.
call your local hospital's crisis line they can help you locate a doctor to help you for your depression...it will take time to get everything back in order and I know how you feel, I went through a rough patch in my life and didn't feel life was worth living, but It is...get help for yourself...
get your life in order. You have multible problems, look at the problems you can fix, not the ones that are lost, you can't save your sister and your foot isn't much of a problem I would persume. However problems that you can fix like your arguments with your wife and cars can be solved. First, try to get a new car. Try to talk to your wife more and spend more time with her. Try taking your life back one step at a time, never look at the big picture, just take it like a puzzle, one piece at a time. And stop looking at the past, that won't get anything done.
prayer, if you believe in it. meditation works too, and It wont hurt to go to see a psycologist or psychiatrist. try to talk to your family members and/or friends. I understand men dont really chat like ladies do, but maybe you can find that one to realease your issues with.

Good Luck!
Some say here talk to a skrink. I say talk to a local priest or local pastor. They are free, don't mark you up as insane and you can get as many second opinions as you want. Plus they take the more humane approach then just simply drug you up and tell you to forget about it.
After trying marijuana in a safe environment, I recommend directed sleep imagery or lucid dreaming.

First, sleep facing north to south to reduce REM sleep latency and get lots of sleep so you can have multiple morning dreams.

Find something you can do to trigger lucidity, that is knowing you are dreaming. (Inhuman actions are good or just plain remembering to look at your hands and such.)

When you know you're dreaming, have fun acting out positive experiences. Or confront problems if need be. It's amazing some of the conversations one can have in a dream.
Try to talk to your wife. I mean talk not fight. You both are grow up people. Maybe she also has some problems and need someone to listen her. Try to make friend with her again. Do something crazy together. Maybe it won't give solution to all your problems but it may help you.

If you don't feel like talking about everything that bother you to people you know you may start writing an anonymous blog e.g. on myspace. It helped me so probably it may help you as well.

Last but not least, try to think about things that are good in your life. Even if you consider them as small or unimportant. They are important because they are part of your life.

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