What do u do 2 better ur self?

I take my dogs on walks, try to do good in school, clean up the house for my parents, & workout sometimes. I'm asking this question just to see, what other people do. I'm curious to see how many other people believe in this kind of a concept, I'd think there'd be lots, but I'm not really sure.

I don't call into work unless i'm really sick. I clean up my mess around the house, I also, pick up after my dogs, and be sure to clean out my newt tank every week, make my bed everyday, go to church, practice piano religiously, i'm always watching kids-which is fun for me
19 yr old.
Law school and children. Nothing feels better than setting a goal, achieving it then helping others to achieve their goals. You sound like you have a great start, and wonderful perspective. Keep up the hard work, it will serve you well.
I try to study hard, be nice even when it effing sucks, and relax. "Me time" is very important. If you don't do things you enjoy to re-charge, you can't be happy, and then can't improve your life or better yourself.
yeah pretty much the same stuff or volunteering is always good
I do for others and try to maintain a positive image in the community. I help my family. And I try to make the best of negative situations.
I workout daily, try to read and learn about topics I'm interested as much as possible. I clean my house and do yardwork consistently and I get as good of grades as possible.. 3.92 GPA in highschool and graduated with over 60 AP credit hours.
Alot of people will claim to be bettering themselves, but the only real way is to care for other people in a non-dualistic way, possibly yourself first, but then you must help the world with your compassion. Even if it is only with the power of your thought.
Tithing, which is to give 10% of income(gross) to wherever I have recieved spirtital food,(inspiration). I've tithed to libraries for inspirational books and to PBS for Dr Wayne Dyer seminar on there station. Every tithe I give away comes back to me 10 fold.
I always try to think before I speak. I am not always successful but I try. Every action that I take is done with intention. I also try to do no damage, I don't mean lie to prevent hurt feelings but if I had to tell someone an uncomfortable truth I always try to be as gentle as possible. I also make real sure before I make any decision for my children of how I might have felt at that age and if I would have wanted to be involved in that decision.

I understand that I can't be a good wife/mother unless I am happy with me so I try (it isn't always easy or do-able) to take care of me as best I can.

The key to living a positive life is personal responsibility. Don't take on the worlds problems unless it is your choice to do so but make sure that your actions don't hurt anyone, especially yourself.

You are doing great!

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