Should my feelings be hurt?

For the past three weeks I have been struggling with a sinus infection, and have underwent two rounds of antibiotics. My boss asked me today if I was feeling better. I answered honestly: Yes better but still a bit congested. His reply was "You know you don't have to always be sick." kinda sarcastically. I am peeved becasue I work really hard and was only out one day sick this year, and it was for this sinus infection. Does he think I enjoyed the last few weeks of misery?! I'm not always sick. I do have allergies and get about three colds a year, but I show up at work and still do a good job. Why is he only focusing on the negative?

He sounds like a jerk. May he have a cold or sinus infection soon.
Did his voice sound rude to you? Or was he joking around, actually meaning you are never sick? Sometimes people say stuff like "You talk so much!" - because I am very quiet. Maybe it's one of those things.

Or is he usually a pretty rude guy in general? If so, just ignore it. If this is uncharacteristic of him, maybe he is having a bad day? Sometimes bosses are like that when other workers are slacking off.

Get better!
If you think highly of your boss, then maybe I can see why it bothers you, or why it hurt you. But if not, I just don't see why it bothered you, or hurt you like you said, I would never let anybody hurt me in that way, you do realize that by letting people get to you like that, you give your strength away, and to answer your question, no, I don't think it should hurt you. but it's just my opinion, and I do not control a persons' emotions, or feelings.
I am a business management major. And your boss was way out of line. But sometimes you have to let the little stuff go. So just let this roll off of your back, and forget about it. Concentrate on doing a great job at work. Remember what comes around goes around and those who do great work get paid in the end. Feel better soon, I had that same thing, I felt as if I was dying, my work sent me home. Told me not to step back in the building till I was better.
It may not be about you at all. About two years ago I found out that one of my higher ups (whom I thought was being lazy and inconsiderate for leaving me to do all the work) had just found out that he had Multiple Sclerosis (MS). This could just be his way of relieving unrelated stress. What it comes down to is you can never know what goes on in his head. If you want to know if he has a problem ask him. This will give him a chance to say his peace and give you the info you need.

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