A moan and some advice needed?

I finally moved out of my boyfriend’s house share, which turned into a complete nightmare towards the end. We found somewhere really nice; gym, sauna and steam room free to use downstairs. And a nice two bed apartment, our room a really good size. But we are living with a complete Wa*ker! At first he just got on my nerves, cos he is really anti-social. Example, he requested that we leave the living room when he gets back after work so he can be alone with his ‘much beloved telly’. Obviously we ignored him. He calls the landlord if we have people over and he gets on ALL my nerves.
But what should I do? Stick it out? Get him out? Push him out?
Please help

Get rid of him through stealth, de-tune the TV and pierce the lids of all his ready meals in the fridge and store really highly spiced foods just above them so they soak up the smell. Make love really loudly and constantly, when you get tired fake it, headboard banging and all, hide all of the loo paper, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shower gel etc. Buy a tiny fridge for your bedroom and then hide all of the milk, butter etc in there. Use the washing machine all day every day. Invite friends round every single day, use all of the hot water even if that means running the tap, leave the bath not only dirty but filled with dirty bathwater and the floor sodden. Put the heating on high at night and complain when the bills are high, phone foreign phone numbers and deny all knowledge. Begin bizarre claims that the microwave causes cancer and that he has to leave it in his bedroom if he wants to retain it and then insist on using it. Plant your clothes in his washing especially if you are a girl. Take up smoking a pipe or cigars and do it extravagantly. Get a dog and train it to lie in his bed, be sure to take it for long muddy walks first. Fill the shower tray with hair, buy an old wig and shred it if need be. Impose an Ayurvedic vegan lifestyle on him, insisting that all food must be eaten raw and at key hours of the day, make them just before, literally a minute before he leaves for work and the moment he gets home. Start practising a very strange chanting and yogic religion. Don't ask me why I have so many ideas!!
tell him "his telly" was just stolen and the guy ran down the hall to the left, then when he leaves change the locks on the door before he gets back
Push him out.
Get a place of your own, living with other rarely works. And if its his house you have to follow his rules ( a real pain ) so get out and set your own rules in your own house.
They say charity starts at home, its your safe haven, one place to escape the rat race, make your home a peaceful place and you Will be rewarded with peace...now answer your own question, you have the answers!!
I don't think I understand the situation. Are you sharing the same living space? If so, and you moved in on him, find another place. Obviously, there are weeds in paradise, and you are allergic. Either come to another accommodation or move out. Another accommodation might be having a television in your room and seeing friends in another common space.
You could try talking to him also. Learn some assertiveness skills and try to compromise.
ha, i know exactly how that feels!
try making him feel uncomfy, *without* breaking the landlord's rules, that way he has nothing to complain about to the landlord.
make it look like accident or daily stuff, like bugs in his bed, etc.
Become a crack whore and fill the house and street with unsavoury types. It worked for me.
Just continously complian to the Landlord, exaggerate things, niose, cooking, smells, theft anything to make him seem undesireable.

Be creative though
Move into your own one-bedroom apartment, away from the "wack-job"
I would get him out...you really dont legally have a way to push him out unless you want legal action possibly.
Or you could play his game and make him miserable til he leaves
try and make his life uncomfortable so he decides to move of his own free will. invite loads of mates over and keep disturbing him when he's watching tv etc then he'll get so fed up he'll be glad to leave you in peace
i dont think getting down on his level will help,,,have a talk with him and tell him how you feel about the way he treats you. try and be friends with him, but not too close because that may cause him to go back to his old ways.

if that does not work, then keep a record of all the things that he does, such as time, date and the nuisance, then tell the landlord and show proof. come to an agreement with the landlord about where you stand, tell him if he does not sort it out then you have no choice and move out..

good luck

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