Is this type of person rare?

someone who is physically fit,intellectusal about alot of subject matter,and a great artist or musician.and what would this persn classify as?

like you said rare!

ofcourse they r , but needs some time for us to identify them
obviously not you... intellectual has no s in it. sorry just being cheeky.i think we all have the potential to be this person if we put our minds to it so not really rare most people just happy to plod along .
A genius.
Classification is dangerous, it says a person is THIS.

If you are physically fit, I'd say it means you care about your health and most likely your looks. Being interested in a lot of subjects means you are most likely willing to learn a variety of things about the world in which you live. A great artist or musician is often refered to as an Artistic individual.

Just be well rounded, have your morals and stand by them, while learning how others view the world and as much as you can about the world and the people who populate it and you'll most likely end up being considered a well rounded person.

Until around age 25, a person is going through many changes, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, physically, psychologicallly, religiously, etc. So a person should never even try to be classified as..., before that age and even after that age I think it's sad to try to classify each other or ourselves. We are human beings with differing interests and life experiences.
I think this type of person is normal, however, viewing ourselves in this manner may be considered extremely narcissistic.
An all rounder of course. He could also be called a genius.
They are not rare in my opinion. I know lots of people you described. In my encounters they aren't the in your face kind of people. Very modest. That's what makes them so attractive, yet unnoticed sometimes.
A person that really knew how to adapt to present have all the admiration. A person dedicated for being a model for the majority of other humans (not all). Not a genius, because a genius is the best in only one skill and he will surely surpass this kind of person in that skill.

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