What is the syndrome called when you speak without thinking first?

It's most often called 'foot-in-mouth syndrome' but if you are wanting a more 'scientific' or 'psychological' answer, speaking without thinking is a form of impulsivity. Impulsivity is a side effect of Attention-Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) ... sometimes people still call it ADD.
A big mouth
Paris Hilton Syndrome.
Can't remember, but in layman's terms it's called "open mouth, insert foot" lol
Putting foot into mouth!.But i do not know what "syndrome" you are talking about, sorry!
Mouth in motion before mind in gear!
pissed off!!!
Syndrome of ' unthinker '..
foot in mouth syndrome
Foot in mouth syndrome.
You're probably thinking about Tourette's. Its a neurological disorder characterized in mild form, by involutary tics and movements and, in advanced cases, by large involuntary bodily movements; noises like barks and whistles and in many instances, an uncontrollable urge to utter obscenities.
no-inhibitions syndrome
no-tact syndrome
the "Britney Spears" syndrome ;)
It's one of the biggest problems that humanity faces for any type of future. We are becoming more dependent on letting our emotions rule our actions. Most people "think" with their emotions not with their intellect. The dumbing down of America as I see it. To answer your question, It's called "Ignorance" and it's not a syndrome , It's a choice.
A "bon Mot" is choosing just the right word. A "malapropism" is choosing the opposite.
when we completely absorbed thinking about something else, we talk without thinking
When we feel embarrassing ; the consequence will be the same
If we feel guilty towards someone before them we happen to talk without thinking
Hoof and mouth.
Or is it hand to mouth
or look a gift horse in the foot
Yeah, that's it.
your alligator mouth overloading your hummingbird butt

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