Can Psychiatry Help Overcoming Phobias?

I can't eat Vegs and Fruit, I tried my best the past 5 years and I can't, I hate it's texture and I can't swallow any kind of Fruit or Vegs and I really want to lead a healthy life.

I did a research and I found out that it may be some kind of phobia, so I'm considering psychiatry since we don't have hypnotherapy here in our town.

Could psychiatry help me?

Psychiatrists don't care what ails you, they are drug peddlars who make enormous amonts of money. They are not there to listen, they are there to prescribe. A psychologist will listen and make suggestions, don't go to a psychiatrist unless you are truly insane. (Not eating veggies does NOT make you insane).
yes, the most common method used to treat phobias is exposure therapy in conjunction with anxiety medications
Psychiatrists can offer medication and psychotherapy, but you have to search well for one that performs psychotherapy.
A psychologist cannot prescribe medication in most places, but can perform psychotherapy.
The most successful therapies for a phobia are Systematic Desensitization and Implosion. There are various varieties of each. Medication can be helpful in dealing with the anxieties associated with the phobias, but in the end you will want to wean off medication and use just your willpower, so medication may add an additional step and it may be difficult to let go of that "crutch" later.
You sound like you would want Systematic Desensitization, a slow method of gradually introducing you to Fruits and Vegetables. Implosion is like jumping into the pool and getting used to the water all at once. Systematic Desensitization is putting your toes in first, then foot, etc.
Good luck! Your physical system will love you for it! Fruts and Vegetables are great!
I know what you are going thru, I had phobias most of my life since childhood and 11 years ago after I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, He removed those phobias. I didn't pray to have them removed, I just learned to cope and live with them. But one morning I woke up and they were gone. Think about this, meditate upon this, take it to heart. Also pay attention to people that advice against believing in Jesus Christ. They want to continue living a life without accountability and centered on the self. Remember each one of us is responsible for our own actions. Believing begins with obeying. Then we will obey because we believe. Then both become one. Be kind to all and to yourself
I say, a therapist is better.
Experiment and find the veggies and fruits you do enjoy and you may find you like them seasoned. We all have things we don't like - I don't like some of the tropical fruits and dislike melon but thoroughly enjoy watermelon. That is not a phobia it's just my preference. Have you tried using the blender when it comes to fruits? This one we call a smoothie or shake which is dessert ; )

I like most veggies but am partial to string beans. It's one of my favorites on at a Chinese buffet because they leave them whole, don't overcook them, and season them with the perfect amount of garlic. I eat a huge portion of those when I visit the buffet while others load up on the fried foods. It's too bad that not all grocery stores offer whole beans frozen or truly fresh beans. I tell ya what, those rabbits are eating my plants this year and I keep poking those seeds in the ground - we'll have to see who wins because my beagles hair from the vac isn't wardinging them off any longer : (

I also don't like creamed corn but enjoy corn casserole that calls for cream corn as well as plain corn. Maybe it's the addition of onions, cheese, peppers, etc that change the whole taste.

You just have to experiment and find what you like. Realize this also as an example. The old spinach rumor that spread like crazy when we were kids. I often wonder how many never even tasted it due to reacting to rumors. Oh well, thier loss it's very good with a dab of butter, salt, and pepper. Off the subject a bit --- in High School a gal brought fried rabbit and was teased ...the whole table was full of negative comments using her lunch. I hadn't had it so I asked to taste it found it resembled chicken on the wild side. When I asked the others if they have ever tasted it they said no but had plenty to say about it that's for sure and rude personal comments to the gal that brought if for lunch. It seemed to me that food wasn't the issue of that situation.

Have U tried beets topped with a dallop of sour cream and sprinkled with limited garlic salt and pepper? Grilling vegetables opens up a whole new world of taste and texture also.

If all else fails or while you are searching for those you like perhaps supplements will do. I take them anyways despite my intake of fruits and vegetables that way if my diet strays I'm assured of taking in nutrition if I've had to eat on the run which I try to avoid.
Yes psychiatrist can help someone overcome his phobia. Psychiatrist use drugs to face phobias and other disorders. T hey also use Freud's approach to cure this symptoms something that takes time and money.Also the effects some back when you stop taking drugs. The best solution is a psychologist. Psychologist follow different approaches and the results are faster and better. Psychoanalysis therapy is between 6-60 months with tow to three meeting per week and a cost of about 80$. Other approaches can solve problems in 12-30 meetings in a cost about 70$ per hour.

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