Who is ya hero? And how have they helped you develop as a person?

My hero is my English teacher.. not in some weird way, but.. I don't know how to describe it.
When I joined his class in year 10, we were pretty damn lucky. We had someone who is now considered pretty much the coolest teacher in our little run-down school, full of chavs and such like.
In year 10, I was extremely shy and had an extremely low self esteem. I didn't start off too well in his class; everyone in there was very talented and I just hid away and done very little work. I was on a half of the year where I hardly knew anyone, and I knew I had to make new friends, but that was something very hard for me as I went through a mental break down during year 9, suffered extreme paranoia and depression and had tried to commit suicide. It was something I was still recovering from. During year 9 I had written many different stories as a way to escape, but I never thought anything of them. To me, nothing I done was ever good enough. During year 10, we had to do a lot of creative writing, and it all came back to me with very high grades, such as B* and A. My confidence in myself began to grow and I found myself doing very well in my class, with a teacher who actually could make lessons fun, yet productive and got on very well with each of the students. During that year, I was really growing in myself and my teacher had taught everyone a lot.
In year 11, things started going down hill for me again. I became unable to work during lessons and I constantly couldn't complete GCSE coursework, which was getting me into a lot of trouble. To help, I told my teachers there was a lot of family trouble going on, which there was, and they gave me more of a chance. My english teacher had been on the phone to my mother a lot, asking about coursework and she told him about some of the problem, but she didn't happen to mention about the stuff going on between us. I had a detention that day and came to it very late. There was no one there. Instead of havign to do my coursework, we talked together for about half an hour and he told me he had been speakign to mother and we half talked about problems. He taught me a great philisophy in life which is too long to explain and he helped me to get going back on my feet.

I know this sounds probably kinda crappy but as a class, we had such a fantastic laugh and everyone improved so much over the 2 years he had taught us. We had learnt a lot from him and he had also learnt a lot from us. He helped everyoen to believe in themselves and let their talents grow. He didn't look down on us like all of our other teachers did and to me, he was the most supportitive person I had when things started going down hill again.

We had his class for our last lesson on our last day. He let us have a massive party and he let Joel do what he always wanted and let him slap his bald head. xD He signed my shirt for me, writing "Always be famous, Mr C x" I always think of this now when I need some motivation or confidence as he believed in me, he knew my aspirations and he just generally helped me to become who I am today.
My grandpa and my husband. They've introduced me to God...And God has introduced me to life
Lot of people in lot of areas!
My mom and dad, they were totally kick ***, they worked hard, loved hard, partied hard and lived life to the fullest, never did they say I cannot do it and with all their success they were as humble as humble could be
absolutely my mom. she introduced me how to be a good, strong person and always let God to leads my life.
My hero is a woman who is now in her late 80's and not very well. But she raised 6 children, was a teacher, worked as a volunteer in several areas, and was a gourmet cook! All her children are grown and she has grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Her children are all successful as are the grandchildren who are grown up. Everyone loves her. Her name is Belle, which means "beautiful," and she is beautiful, inside and out.
My Mom. She was one of the greatest people I ever knew in my lifetime. She taught me that strength and forgivness are two virtues in life that allow a person to grow and thrive, and she always pushed me to follow every dream in my heart. I miss her so much.

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