Why am i feeling this way? Please help?

I've cut for 2 years now but havent for about 6 monthes. I was looking up stuff online tonight about cutting because i was bored and now i feel so anxous to do it. I dont even know if its anxious to do it i just feel anxious. I cant sit still and im kinda breathing heavier. I cant sit still. Is this an anxiety attack? What is this? PLease help

say no to drugs but you sound like you need a hit of the bob marley stuff relax its just life sweet
Yes, it definitely sounds like you're having an anxiety attack. CALL YOUR DOCTOR OR GO TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM IMMEDIATELY! If nothing else, call a close friend or relative and have them help you.
Yes it is.

Change your thinking, get busy doing something else. Wacth some porn, anything.

You are setting up the reflex. You want to cut because you were thinking about it.

You can control. No need to fight. Just relax, it's under control.
Concentrate on other things than your fear. You probably triggered these feelings while viewing that stuff. Don't look at it. Stay around people you are relaxed with. If that is not possible Take your shoes off, curl your toes, do some stretches slowly to work out your tension. Do something you enjoy. If you have a pet spend time with it. That will relax you. You are okay. Seek counseling though if anxiety returns or you have compulsive thought or urges to injure yourself.
yes call him right now
and please please vent out your feelings to somebody you care for and stop doing this to yourself
You Deserve So much Better!!
Think of life.think of the dreams you have and the things that you would love to do...IT CAN HAPPEN!!! Don't keep hurting yourself like this
go to the bathroom and drink from the toilet
yeah you need to stop cutting yourself. Maybe you should see a psychologist to see why you are cutting yourself if you do not know yourself.. yes mention it to your boyfriend. good luck
You feel lost and overwhelmed. When you looked up about cutting, you saw that it was a way of belonging. Belonging with cutters.is belonging. With the cutting you found that you could get your mind off your troubles. Once you cut, then you have the issue of blood ,so you aren't focused on what ever has you upset. It is a way of showing how much pain you are in. It's easy to show pain with blood that feelings. Feelings suck sometimes.
People say that cutting doesn't help you feel better. They are wrong. People don't think about. endorphines (sp). When your body is harmed (a cut) your brain procuces a chemical that acts like morphine. It cuts down pain and leaves a happy peaceful feeling. The chemical makes you feel good. That was great in the old times when a person could get hurt , life or death stuff. If a lion attacks your leg, the chemicals reduce pain and gives a feeling of well being, and with your feeling better, you are able to get back to your cave or village where the lion can't finish you off. t was great back then. But now it works against us. That's why cutting and vomiting or starving seem to make you feel better. But remember it is your body's responce to Harm and Danger. It is not ok to cut.
I have a friend I tell everything too, too. We both cut, so its obviously easier to talk to them, but they also are the ones that tempt u to cut

dont talk to them

talk to the ppl taht dont know u cut, so u kow u cant mention it, and the temptaion goes away
I think this subject just has a heavy impact on your emotions. It can be hard when you are facing your worst enemy right in the face, but I don't think it was anything as bad as a panic attack. I think you should feel comfortable talking to your boyfriend about it, but I don't think it's a big deal if it didn't make you want to cut yourself again. Anxiety is a perfectly normal emotion for that kind of situation, and maybe you don't need to read about it anymore. You know the problem firsthand, so you don't need to know anything else about it if you have stopped feeling like you need to hurt yourself. By the way, great job going for 6 months! That is an important accomplishment. You should be proud. If you want, I'll pray for you.

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