Do you ever notice a pattern in numbers?

do u see the same numbers over and over again? do u consider them lucky? what are your numbers?

Numbers are like that, when you least expect it, Wham! they jump out at you and you are left wondering!!!

No, but seriously, there are some amazing patterns in daily life, in nature, not just in numbers (although you could say that everything boils down to numbers anyway!) but in words and in colours etc.

If you are specifically interested in numbers you could research an old esoteric tradition called Numerology where letters of the alphabet are given numerical values and using these values you can then apply it to anything you wish by spelling out the object and summing up the values, there are supposedly patterns that tie your name, date of birth, with various stages in your life and even with the jobs you will do.

On the mathematical side of things there are things like the Fibonacci sequence, Zeckendorf numbers, PI, Markov chains, Prime numbers etc.

When you get further into noticing patterns there is then the possibility of noticing patterns in other events, what most people call coincidences others synchronicity.

Have fun.
omg yes!!! lately ive seen 9 11 alot when i look at the clock one of them even froze at that time. ive also seen 12 23 and 5. the 9 11 thing is really creepy though and ive seen it the most.

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