A friend of mine always lies to me about being sick and stuff?

She makes up weird things about her and her son (which l've been told even by doctors aren't true), but now she's going too far. The other night, l took her to the hospital because she said she had chest pains and couldn't breathe. They kept her in emergency for a few hours to do bloods and make sure she was ok, then sent her home saying she was fine. l was there with her the whole time, including when they gave her the blood test results, so l know she was cleared. Now she's telling me that she had 3 minor heart attacks, stopped breathing, and had to be brought back to life with the paddles. How do l deal with this? lt's like she doesnt' remember l was there, she does this all the time. Please don't say stop being her friend, that's not an option, but how can l deal with her, and why is she doing this?

oh man. Sounds like she has some issues. I wont tell you to stop being her friend, you don't want to.
How about getting her to a therapist? Its like a munchosin syndrome. people pretend to be sick for sympathy. But if she is doing it with her son, she could make her son sick to get sympathy... which would be very bad. kids have died that way.

At first it sounded like a panic attack. But the lying about it... makes it something else.

Seriously... you might want to get her help. If you are a real friend. Somethings are too big for "just friends" to fix.
She is Literally dying for some sort of attention or something to make her seem important or interesting..

try finding healthy hobbies or things to do that you can both do and maybe you two can get into health and she can obsess over that...

feed her little words of encouragement to try to rid her of her Hypochondriac symptoms

"I don't think your hearts ready to give up yet"
"Seems pretty strong to me, as much as it's been through and keeps on tickin"

it's all psychological so if you want to help her you just have to try and trick or convince her that she's becoming healthy and a good way to do that is to help her actually become healthy... mentally as well
She could be a hypochondriac--which means one who hears about an illness and truly believes that she has it, herself. Some hypochondriacs go to therapy to try to work this out.

I don't think that she is simply craving attention, as trips to the emergency room would be quite extreme. She should speak to a doctor or counselor about this.
I would get far away from her, what you are describing is either a fictitious disorder or MUNCHAUSEN SYNDROME this is a seriously confused person and may not be aware of what they are doing they need help that you can't give them, contact any family memebrs you may be aware of and get out of the picture if that is not possible I suggest you cotact your county government Community Service Board or Department of Mental Health, she could be a mortal risk to her child
Sounds like your friend needs help? Only a true friend (like yourself) would sit her down and tell her the truth. Tell her that you value your friendship but the lies have to stop! You should recommend someone for her to talk to like an local therapist. If her son is young offer to baby sit tell her you are willing to do whatever you can to help!
if she were completely aware of her behavior, then I would guess Munchhausen syndrome. My mom's boy friend had it.
That is when a person(guy or woman) fakes being sick for attention, or uses an illness to get money.

hey, she may not know. what is going on. A possible case of split personality or anxiety attacks. maybe stress is really causing some health problems.
Attention seeking, there is a problem somewhere. Explore what she is complaining about, and you will see what the real problem is.
Is she worried that you might leave her? Was her mother like this? It could be a way to get attention. My mother is the same way. For years it frustrated me and made me feel manipulated. But then I realized that's the way she gets attention and was the way HER mother did it. If you choose to stay in this relationship, then it is something you must learn to understand. You can't change the way other people act. But you can control and change the way you re-act to it. Can you talk to her about it calmly? I really do understand what you are talking about and it takes patience and alot of love to be able to deal with it without pulling your hair out. Tell her how you feel and that you can't drop everything every time she stubs her toe or has a pain. Tell her you heard the doctors diagnosis and assure her she is okay. If yours is a true friendship, she will be able to look within herself and perhaps see what you see.
I wish you all the patience and I hope she knows what a good friend she has in you.
Sit them down and say you're tired of the lies and you don't think you can be friends with them anymore if they continue like this. Maybe they have a problem. Why would they need to lie?
I think she needs counseling very badly. She seems to have a genuine problem and she is helpless about it. It is not attention-seeking tactics as you may think. So discuss this with some qualified psychiatrist...
maybe she actually is sick...but not that severe...she said she had 3 minor heart attack right?

meaning it is not severe...

or she constantly forgotting things.meaning she is not sick but she forgets that she did lie to you.also an illness

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