Hi all YA regulars pay attention. In R and S there is a troll who has several i.d.'s .He gives thumbs down to

all good answers through his multiple i.d.'s.He passes obscene comments every now and then and then through one of his particular i.d.'s says-please dont abuse anyone its my request. He knows nothing about religion and ethics but wishes to be on the top of the r and s section. I feel that he s mentally perturbed. Do you have any suggestions as to how we should deal with such people?

Aradhana you should not worry, nor should you give him publicity.

I read those dirty comments against you and i am sure Mother kali will destroy his life for cheap comments against good souls.

Jai Mata di

Now ask good questions and forget trolls

EDIT: Now did i really deserve a thumb down for my remarks and why someone selected only my answer? This is really a funny place.
U R the topper. what to worry? He will dig his own grave!
Report or ignore seem to be the only choices we have. You could try reaching out to him/her, but the anonymity of the internet makes that difficult.
There are several such trolls on FunQA.com International homepage....the situation at yahoo INDIA is much better than what you will experience at the yahoo USA/UK homepages.
You can report abuse to the answers team and submit a detailed report of your findings to the Yahoo team's office.
If they support your claims and find the misuse of the website by the concerned user then they can expel/delete the user's account(s).
You will have to write clearly and precisely to the yahoo team supporting your findings with genuine evidence.
Yahoo A, must take a serious action against all clones, trolling here.
You are right. I also feel he should be a mental case. If you know who is he, why not you ask him to stop this type of actions. He may change his attitude.-
ignore them, and report them...after all what they are doing is completely against the community guidelines..
why don;t all of us report all of these clones so they get chucked out.
These are idiots with very low spirits
dont care is the best mantra. He seems to be a sick person leave it to god if you believe in god


report him to yahoo...
I think people who are completely unbalanced and acting as clones and trolls should be treated as one would a small child. Ignore the behavior and eventually it will go away and if it is too out of control a punishment is in order. Rise above them!
Aradhana I concluded one thing that this sick person is agfraid of Maha Kali as he gave a thumb down to chamunda.
Ur giving energy and publicity dont do it he has his own days he might be M R.
The oppositions are there because to sharpen the sword of VIRAGYA..the non-attachment.
Let us face them....

Every religious and spiritual person will face oppositions one or another day.

It is considered as a test held by Mother Maha Maaya
Sharmaji...thanks you brought smile to my face... and yes chamunda is very right.

Aradhna you are very brave i must admit... and pure people from heart are brave. They dont go giving thumbs down or defaming someone... or fight a Don Quixote's wars.

You are honestly serving hinduism on YA ...continue it and let Mother Nature take its due course.

now may we have your next question ?
Who is he?
troll police
Conspiracy again
When we Hindus will learn
Will we

BTW who is this tcawasthi is it "watch this" any how he is coming when there is a personal question.
And I think it is of a prominent person of YA, it is better (for him and others) to be good
R&S is like a forest. We see the beautiful parrots as well as dangerous snakes. Getting rid of all snakes is n't an easy thing. Admire the beauty of the parrots and butterflies and go on.
R&S has much mosquitos that breed from trash boxes of Yahoo who gets thrown away by their words but are back again in new clothes.
I think that "tcawasthi", "Prophet Abdul" and "Zafrullah" are all one person. I sent Zafrullah a good few messages, giving him a piece of my mind and telling him what I thought of his pathetic self. I think that then he decided to open up a new ID. He is ALWAYS on R and S. One needs to ask, doesn't this fool have school, College or Work to go to? Maybe he gets his household bills payed for by the Muslim terrorists, in exchange for him wasting his pathetic miserable existence on yahoo defaming Hindus and Indians.
Report at once to yahoo. When I joined yahoo,somebody ab used me. I didnot know what to do. B ut I have seen report. So I reported and that abusing post has b een immediately deleted. So donot hesitate to report. THis is the only solution.
does it matter anything.......
it is the part of life.....
Hi aradhana, nice to see you again. If you keep asking like this in FunQA.com, i think he or she really enjoys your angryness and still they try to bother you a lot. So best is to avoide them. There is cote in tamil "Dhustarai kandaal Thoora velagu" which means, When you see a dhustar near you, move away from them". So just avoide some person who is giving thumbs down for good question or who is troubling you. Did you report to yahoo?

Chamunda, i hope i know why you get thumbs down. People some not as a regular R & S, never know how that person behaved in here. So if you said ma kali will give punishment would be good more than saying destorying life. Hope that is why people would have given thumbs down.
Hi there Aradhana K.

I agree with some of the previous people in that you should really try to ignore this. By highlighting this you are giving them exactly what they want, you are giving your energy to this negative person with an empty heart. Your love & energy would be much better spent on what you do best on YA.

With love & good wishes.
Report an 'abuse' whenever you spot his nuisance. That's it. What else can anyone do?
Lord Gautam Buddha was sitting somewhere and a person came near to him and he started abusing to the Lord ,he continued abusing to the Lord . he continued it for about 1 hour and got tired . when he became silent then Lord Buddha gave a smile to him . that person asked to the Lord , are you mad i am abusing you since one hour and you are smiling ... Lord said i have not listened you anything ,

you are in R & S section to silent your mind my dear friend Aradana , otherewise you could be anywhere ,it is a kind of Yoga that someone is putting you down but still you are there with the same enthuasism without changing your state of mind .

Hare Krishna , Hare Krishna , Krishna Krishna , Hare Hare , Hare Rama , Hare Rama , Rama Rama , Hare Hare
You people are wasting time on accusing each other. Has anybody reported that troll ?


Ignore him, report him and pray for him. Don't give anyone power over you by giving into anger.

Hi! what funny question you ask? It is one'spreviledge to give thumbs uporthumbs down and Yahoo has given this. There is no guidelines for thefromYahoo. YesI give thumbs down for your most question and also others, as I do not like them. You get a seperate R & S Section for Hindus and protect with your password and allow your chamchas as members. Don't takeanything irrelavent here,it every ones place. You report to Yahoo. and do what ever you like. I am reporting against you.

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