Am I insane?

For some reason:
- I have a really bad feeling
- I'm hearing things? I could have sworn someone was at my widow- to scared to look.
- I'm seeing things? Words, images, videos.

I don't believe in psychic abilities, but his is creepy. I'm 13. Have I lost it? Or am I being warned...

yeah.. people who only have a month left would feel diz way... better watch out!

p/s: dont believe me!
Sounds more like paranoia. are you scared of something...?
No, you're not insane. If you're hearing or seeing things that aren't real, you should probably see a psychiatrist. You're not psychic.
maybe you should start by talking to your school councilor
Nah. You're just your normal, everyday weirdo.
no ur not.its maybe some advantage that u juz realize.u can use it properly and help some other people.juz like raven.u know,that so raven
ya it sounds like schizophrenia you should see a professional and get on some meds

either that or some killer acid laced with some speed; enjoy the ride. When ever I'm on that hide tide i try to calm myself down with some strawberries and wipe cream. Nice plus I always enjoy mint chocolate chip; can't get enough of it. Peanut butter is good but only the smooth kind; make sure you have some milk.
It is most likely a chemical thing going on.
causes: medications, lack of food, coffee, stress, not enough sleep, worry, anxiety or expectation that has run rampant.

I seriously would not be thinking I was psychic, I would be asking myself what I ate, what changed in my life recently, am I sleeping at night.
If you are having bad feelings and there is no REAL object to be feared, then you are having mental problems that need to be fixed chemically.
Withdrawl from drugs or coming off a few days of certain drugs also do this.
Many things in life cause you to see things and hear things.
If you can think "am I insane", you probably aren't. Stop watching scary movies.
you should be allright schizophrenia dosent start to show sings untill around19-22
I don't think so. It"s all in the mind. Your just hallucinating. Fall short of being insane. An insane person could not draw questions you asked in the first place.
There are 3 things that seem like a possible explanation here.

- you have a creative mind that adapts ideas and attatches them to possibly being real, creating a sense that you are feeling things that you are actually not (imagining) Although Imaginination is a term that people seem to identify with children.
- you are beginning to experience hallucinations. If these are accompanied by ideas that you are being followed, stalked or someone is trying to get you- then you may have some serious issues that need addressing.
-you are obsessed with this topic and feel the need to get information in any way you can

If you need help or you become to an adult you trust to get you help.
whoa! this is fascinating.. i'd say this is a case of paranoia.. or maybe u've just had a lot on ur mind lately but considering ur only 13 wats the max u could have on ur mind =P hmm maybe it's due to some bad experience? bad dream? lack of sleep perhaps? anything could be causing this.. halucinations at such young age?? oh my! lol i'm sure ur not insane! =D
I'm confused. You say that you're not hallucinating but that you are seeing words, images, and videos. I don't know why you mentioned those if others could see them. So if you are indeed hallucinating, you need to see a psychiatrist.

In response to your "recurring memory" comment, I would suggest that you speak with a psychologist (different than a psychiatrist) about it.

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