What do you do when you experience embarassment?

when you experience embarassment, does it bother you?

Hmmm, the best thing for me is to laugh at myself. I am bothered when I do embarassing things (all the time.) but when I laugh at myself, or make a joke about it, I feel better and so does everyone else. Most of my embarassing things have to do with physical clumsiness. As a life long dancer, I usually joke, "If it's not choreographed, I can't do it!" :)
I think it bothers everybody. For me it kinda makes me mad that I put myself in that situation.
I laugh at myself and then I usually hide behind someone or if its nothing serious I'll make a joke about it. Life is short you can't take anything too seriously
i plead guilty right away and say: hey! or oops! my bad! It is because if u admit it it wont be tackled anymore. The issue ends right on the spot.
I usually experience embarrassment when I run my mouth before running my brain. I also try to make a joke out of it if I can if I have inadvertently said something hurtful then I apologize as best I can and spend some time kicking myself.
Being self deprecating works best for me in most situations. People realize that I'm aware of my imperfections, can recognize and accept them, which I think gives others permission to recognize that in themselves. It focuses on our common humanity and gets me somewhat off the hot seat. It also shows we can all live through even the most humiliating of experiences, and I've had some genuinely humiliating ones.

For sure it bothers me, but the self-deprecation helps me move through it so I can get on with doing whatever I was doing when I experienced/did the embarrassing thing.
yes i did yesterday i gave the stall owner $2 and i thought i gave him $10 and he took out the $2 note i gave him and with a bad expression. i apologize and walk away. yes the 1st 5 minutes i feel embarrassed but nevertheless we shouldn't put ourselves down as it will affect our self esteem in long run. just be more alert and move on! be positive :=p
There are two ways. Laugh it away; or get upset.

choice is yours:-p

Because what is done, is done. And anyways embarrassment is all in the mind - You can pull it out.
Yes, it does, especially since the things that normally embarass me have to do with whether I'm right or wrong about something. Being wrong hurts, and for me it is embarassing, and tends to bother me for a while. I'll get over it eventually, though.
Sometimes. It depends where I am like in sports or school. If it's in sports it really doesn't bother me. In school it kinda does but not too much because not everyone will remeber it and remind you.

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