Have some one ASSQ- Asperger Syndrome Screening Questionary?

I have a student who goes in class 8th. Test WISC-III show profil of Asprger SYndrom plus his behaviour look also Aspergers tendensers. I want use Screening Questionary but i donot have. CAN SOME ONE HELP ME:

I'm not sure if you are asking as the school psychologist?

If not, then I would first recommend a referral to that service. Although the WISC-III may show some variability that looks like it fits the Asperger's Syndrom, a diagnostic impression typically involves other behavioral indices, clinical observations, interview, etc.. A questionaire can help, but you easily end up with a "false positive', if that is all you have to go on. For example, there are neuropsych sequela that can look quite "asperger-ish" as well as other emotional problems.

But if your asking as the school psychologist, then Iwould recommend a vendor like PAR (www.parinc.com). I believe they sell the ASDS. There are others.

Good luck!

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