I've tried so many things to try and quit smoking PLEASE HELP!?

I've tried the patch, the lozenges, hypnosis, the gum, and recently switching brands (from Newport>>KOOL>>Marlboro Menthol Ultra Lights>>and now, Virginia Slims Menthol Ultra Lights). I want to quit so badly, but I get so depressed and I feel like my personal growth with myself is at stake. I start to get upset about things that I had long got over, it's like when I quit all of it comes back. I'm trying so hard to work on myself (I had a rough past but I want a bright future), I don’t want to let anything that had kept me down before still keep me there today. Smoking is one of many. I feel like I’m unattractive and singled out because of it. I'm already a unique person (not meaning in a bad way), don’t help my image. People get the wrong impression (like lesbian, very offensive). I'm pretty, smart, attractive, and so many other good things. It took me years to feel that way about myself, but the cigarettes I feel like they’re holding me back. As soon as my nicotine level drops here come the depression and my emotional state, my self-esteem, and self- worth all come tumbling down. It’s just so much! Why can't I do this? I want so much for me and I feel like cigarettes are holding me back from them. Please help me!

not everyone that answers has a good answer... please beware... Ultra lights is good right now, your at a low point. Now see a doctor or a therapist for help... You need a good support system to quit... You have to start thinking as a Non-smoker...
go to a place where you are not allowed to smoke.. and try your best to stay there.. or just go somewhere without cigarette stores.. do something worthwhile..
Relax! If it's that difficult, wait until you get bronchitis like I did. It doesn't kill you, & it was really easy giving up something too painful to persevere with. You will have the same valuably unique personality after you stop, so think of yourself as "valuable but nicotine addicted" for the time being.
Yuo are week. that's all
I have quitted becoming really aware of the negativity of the smoking, also the bad small of my mouth and breath after smoking and on my hands :)
In order to get rid of a behavior that you don't like you have to replace it with another, more healthy behavior. You are going to have to figure out what new behavior this is for yourself. Since exercise is not something you can do whenever you crave a cigarette, try something like carrying around a bottle of water and whenever you have the urge to put a cigarette to your lips, take a sip of water. If you are getting depressed as a result of smoking I suggest going to see your doctor. They can prescribe a drug called zyban or wellbutrin (they are the same thing). It is an anti-depressant but in low doses it is also used as a drug to quit smoking. The first week you take it, it may make you a little hyperactive or jittery, this feeling will go away after your body adjusts to the drug. It is worth trying and the side-effects are not worse than the problem. Good Luck!
go to a hypnotist. you want to stop smoking but you dont because its providing you a certain level of comfort.
just wanted to say i know exactly how your feeling. Every time i try and give up the past comes back and i feel of little worth. I wish i could tell you i found a magic cure, but unfortunately im still smoking and still trying to quit. I hope you the best, its good to know im not the only one feeling i can't do it. I know ive said this to myself a hundred times, but i'll try again tomorrow, hopefully it'll be different.

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