Why are people judgemental?

I know it's not just women so don't say it's because we're catty. Men too are very judgmental and criticize people.

For example: What does it matter who has a big nose and why does it need to be pointed out? Yeah, you'd notice it but let it go.

I know I criticize when it comes to people acting suggestively in public or on tv because I don't like it but how do you explain some one being made fun of for having a club foot? Having frizzy hair, walking funny? The popular kid being dumped? Etc. Do we take solace in other people's faults and suffering?

I don't understand it.

Evolution. People have an innate and instinct tendency to select kin and be bad towards our rivals or others not useful for our survival. Anybody who is too genetically different is discriminated against, this is natural.

Yes we take solace in other people suffering. Why? becuase once the suffering person becomes dead more resources are available for use to use.
Remember our forefathers are the ones who were quick to judge and quick to kill.

OUR BRAINS ARE STONE AGE we have to learn to be modern.
I think alot of people do take solace in other peoples' faults and suffering. Remember though, people who do that are usually very insecure about themselves. They have to focuse on everyone else's faults so they can distract themselves from their own.
People do judge other people. It is very wrong, but it doesn't stop anyone. I have been judged as lacking physically and mentally by some very silly people. The bible says that only God can judge and I believe that is right.
i dont know. I try not to be.
when a person criticizes another person its because they aren't happy with there self so therefore they have to look for the worst in others just to make themselves feel better or more superior to others.
It makes people feel better about themselves to put down others. For some reason I think they feel powerful or something when they make a person cry or feel horrible about themselves. People are cruel. Cruel to each other, animals, and the earth.
People are judgmental because they don't understand that we are all connected. They don't understand that thought is creative, and that what you do to/for another, you do to/for yourself. When people THINK they are separate from others, they feel different from others, isolated, which causes them to be fearful of those who are different. Being judgmental is acting on this fear. The truth is, none of us are separate from anyone else. When a person understands this, they do not act out of fear and they are not judgmental. (or mean in the many other ways that humans are mean to each other)
There's nothing wrong in being judgemental. I am a People Observer. I am learning a lot from that. The only thing you need to take care of is - don't judge anyone from their cloths or hair-style or anything else, judging people is like an art. It teaches you a lot. I judge people for understanding them, may it be a cab driver or my boss (BR). I like learning from people even without talking to them.

; )

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