Am I facing depression?

Recently, I am in tremendous stress.
Stress number one, work. I am working in a company for three years without any promotion. Everyday I told myself that I just need to come to work earning salary is enough and now, company is going a mojor restucturing where by some of us will be split into the other dept again, this is the 4th time I had gone through this restucturing and I'm like having a nightmare.
I couldn't quit the job becos I have a mortgage and parents to support off.
Stress number TWO, I have a sis whom had gone through a bad breakup with her boyfriend since three years back and escape working in the same town with me. I had to take her in since we are working miles away from home even though I'm married. But she used to think that she's the best in the world and never been grateful to me. Though my parents knew that it's too much but still allowed my sis to stay with me till now. She is 29.
Stress Number Three

My family do not understand me either. I think most families are like that. However, the thing is that they will still be around for you at your darkest hours.

For the work, this is 1 situation faced by millions of employees around the world, including me. Try looking for another job but do NOT quit your current job. (cos I did and I really landed myself in deep financial sh*t.)

As for the rest, I think you have tried your best. If it doesn't turn out well, it's not your fault. At least, this place allows you to let off some steam. Feeling better? :-)
OMG I don't mean to be rude, but i think you should just let your sister find her own place..gah..and as for your job...there are better things out should go to i think it's to find jobs...and you might want to look up "symptoms of depression" on google..
I see you ran out of room, but stress is not the same as depression. You definitely have stress and the only way to help yourself is to stand up to your family. Give your sister a time limit to get a job and get out and if your parents are too old to work, offer to give them an allowance, and your sister can also give them an allowance, so they can pay their bills with it.
change the way you think...and your world around you will change the book "As you think" by Marc Allen, it is a modern revised version from James Allen's classic "As a man thinketh"...I changed my life. I recommend this book to can help you get out of all the mess your in.
first off, i think u got cut off at 'stress number three'. lol.

anyway, the issues/probs u're facing can indeed lead to depression. of course, it all depends on how well u handle these pressures.

with all these probs/issues, are u still leading the lifestyle u used to before all of this came up (i.e. sleeping well at night, socialising, able to focus at work, etc.) or are you experiencing more mood swings like sadness, loss of appetite, always wanting to be alone, etc.?

these symptoms are not exhaustive, and there are of course, more. but i'll just mention a few here to help you recognise if you are facing depression or not. in any case, if you feel like you need someone to talk to, you should seek a counsellor, psychologist or even a psychiatrist. a professional in this field is best to consult, and will give you much better advice.

i just hope you find your inner peace, and that all this extra burden will be resolved soon. cheers! :)
Stress Number Three. How to admit that I love all this stimulation and now to justify it I am looking at depression as a way to fit in. But what if that doesn't work? How should I be to ameliorate these factors into an acceptable I'm OK and still fit in with the rest of my crowd? Oh the stress of it all.
It could be depression, but really it comes from having all this worry and I think you are just very overwhelmed, you do need to talk to someone, and start to cope and work things out, that is alot to go through for sure, and it is hard when you feel alone.
No, you are not depressed. The only sign of drpression you said that you sleep alot. Other signs of depression are :
Lose of interest of things you once loved to.
Thoughts of hurting youself
Withdrawn from friends and family
Thinking the world is out to hurt you

You didn't say anything like that. You are only going through rough times, which you are not alone. You should try to look at the bright side of your situation. You still have a job for starters. You just have more responsibilites than you can handle. My advice is for you to see someone who can help you put everything in order. The first thing on your list should be helping your sister get back on her feet, as in getting a job and moving her out. And second thing is that you should not be thinking about having a child without being married. It is not your respnsibility to take care of you sister ! ! ! Did you mean to say that you are supporting your parents? That part of your problem is not understandable. I know you can do this, you are a tough cookie. You are the type that inside you are telling yourself when the chips are down you pick them up and carry on with what needs to be done, and somehow you get it done. When it is all over and done with, you come out of all this s**t smelling like the rose that you are.

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