Why is the psychiatric ward called the r-wing? What is the history behind use of "r-wing?"?

My brother-in-law was sharing a trauma unit room with a man who had attempted suicide and he kept saying that "they are taking me to the r-wing soon!" We were wondering how it came to be called the r-wing and my online searches have not yielded any clues. I know I read about the history somewhere but can't recall the details!

I've never heard 'r-wing' but maybe the r stands for rehabilitation? Makes sense since the goal of the psych wards is to rehabilitate the functional aspects of a person by symptom management and the like.
Or maybe research? There may not be structured research experiments taking place, but with the meds that they use, well, it could be considered research since the docs aren't always sure what a med will do for a person.
The last guess I have is that the r stand for right as in right wing. Are psych wards conservative in any way?
Sorry I can't be of more help but my searches yielded less than perfect answers.
It might be that the man was being sent to an area where he could be analyzed and then classified if he was suffering from a specific type of mental illness.

An example of a classification would be schizophrenia.

The R may come from the designation of the manual used to help classify mental illness. It is sometimes referred to as the DSM-IIIR.

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